Friday, September 29, 2006

Two nights ago I saw the most exciting movie trailer for a girl like me who loves period films and all things aristocratic. Sofia Coppola has brought France's Marie Antoinette to the big screen starring Kirsten Dunst. Can't wait for it's Oct 20th release. I'm sure the costumes will be nominated for an Oscar, which brings me to my point, Oscar parties.

You know how everyone seems to own one party that is their's alone and you wouldn't think of infringing on your friend's glory? Well, I actually stole the rights to host the Oscar party from a friend. She asked me if she could host it at my house one year due to her having recently moved to an apartment w/o proper accomodations for even a small gathering. From that year forward the Oscar party was hosted by me, much to her dismay. This is not a friendly thing to do. Does this unfriendly action equate to sleeping with one's husband? No, but she holds a grudge nonetheless. My friend and I have both moved away. I have a new set of neighbors and friends with an established party schedule, Halloween costume parties, Holiday parties, New Year's Eve brunches... As this party season approaches I promise to be a better / friendlier version of me. I will not repeat my selfishness w/ my new acquaintences, no matter how much better I think I could host. I can sit smug when a host plays bad 90's power ballads on crappy speakers, but I must not reveal my smugness, for that is not a friendly thing to do. I can even sit sumg when crappy frou frou girly drinks made from Blue Curacao are offered to me, but I vow to drink it, heck I'll even promise to sway to whatever crappy Matchbox 20 tune happens to be playing, because that is the friendly thing to do. No one currently holds an Oscar party, so I got dibs. I might even get a red carpet this year.


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