Monday, August 20, 2007

Want to see my dream couch?
Click here:
My color choice is Loden

So, we spent about 24 hrs in St. Louis most of it at the Crate and Barrel choosing a couch and dining table and hutch just for when the time comes to order the furniture, we'll be ready.

I bought myself a pro account on Flickr so I've posted more pictures. More yet to come. Be mindful that the photos are NOT public, but only open to my friends and family. Check them out.

Pop, I need your new address.

Now that I can't sleep I'm gonna watch Bridget Jones' Diary again. AND remind me to tell everyone about the "choose your own adventure" Jane Austen story that Rhett participated in on the ride home from STL. Good family fun that was. TFMD - you should definitely read this! I'll be sure to bring it to the wedding.



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