Friday, September 29, 2006

So today is my last day at my current job. Already the IT department has come by and copied all my files for my boss. I was not allowed to do another quick search of the files to make sure there was nothing personal left. After 3 1/2 years why do I feel like I'm being treated like a criminal? Are they going to escort me from the building later too? What could I possibly want to take or get rid of? Not really sure why I'm here today. There is nothing for me to do and I guess I'll spend the next hour until lunch working on wedding planning stuff. At least I have time to do that I suppose.

Heading home to the midwest tonight for my 10 year reunion tomorrow. Little nervous about that. I have to stay in a hotel because I no longer have a home since my mom sold her place. Not sure what to expect tomorrow night. Think I'll just drink a lot. Perhaps I should take advice from Clementine and be a more cautious drunk. Although, you may all get drunk phone calls from me if there is anything worth telling.

I guess I'm pretty boring today. Ready to get this show on the road and get out of here. Really taking all my self control to not tell tweedledum that I think she's a complete idiot. I would feel good for about 5 minutes if I did and then because I do have a conscious I would probably feel bad. I think those 5 minutes are worth it though. She has made me crazy for the last 4 months and I so will not miss her. Ok, enough of my rant. Have a good weekend!


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