Friday, July 13, 2007

Catharsis Part Deux. While i'm continuing my bitching i'd like to purge a little before i purge all over someone else. Mr Darcy's best man is in town this weekend. Some of you may have met him when he lived here for like 8 months before moving back to NY and now he lives in Ohio. Anyway his brother and his brother's friends live down here so he usually visits them and us (but mostly them which is understandable being brothers and all). SO he's visiting this weekend which is nice since we haven't seen him in awhile (maybe march?). We were supposed to do something tonight but when Mr. Darcy spoke to him earlier today he said he was going to his brother's practice space (brother and brother's friends used to be in a band which we saw many times [aside: this band was a "Scream-o" {emo + screaming} band so i basically wanted to slit my wrists by the end of the night. and not due to sappy emo content but due to deafness, soberness around the incredibly intoxicated, and having to endure shitty music while basically being ignored by the person we were there to see while he hung out with the band and talked about things we didn't know about... all night. everytime. end aside.] ANYWAY so that means that we weren't going to see him tonight which kind of sucked b/c i'm leaving early tomorrow morning but also great b/c i'm leaving ASS EARLY tomorrow morning.

SO fast forward to 8:45 when best man calls and says that they didn't end up going to practice space and are bouncing all around the f-ing dc area to go from gaithersburg to alexandria to vienna to do shit and we should do something after. Oook. This is where i tell myself- hey TFMD, be cool. so you stay up late and get 6 or less hours of sleep for the 3rd night in a row- it's good to see best man. OK. But then he calls back and apparently the plan now is to go to best man's brother's friends house and hang out there. Yeah because i totally want to haul my ass to virginia to hang out at your brother's friends house. So glad i already accepted. HEY and- um -maybe when you come to visit us in beantown we can go over to OJ's sisters house and hang out there and talk about things that you don't know about and music you don't listen to and shows you don't want and drink beer you don't care for! FUCKING AWESOME! So glad that YET AGAIN THIS IS HOW WE'RE SPENDING THE LIMITED TIME WE SEE YOU!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

Hm. This catharsis isn't working. I'm just getting angrier. Turning... into... incredible hulk! Ok now that made me happy. And it's not that i don't like best man, best man's brother, or even best man's brother's married friends. All of the above are cool. It's just incredibly obvious that they spend 99% of the time when all of us are there talking about the snowboarding trips they've taken and thrash metal and other crap that not only do i not know about but i could give less than a shit about. :( boo.


OOooh if someone wants to call me between now and 1am to give me some reprieve go for it!

[Edited to add: so i was apparently totally wrong and this visit was completely unlike the previous 10 or so and we were included and i saw actual pandas from japan and we watched the most disturbing youtube videos (namely the music video "what what in my butt"- search for it if you dare) and generally had fun so.... yeah..... my bad. ok 3 hours of sleep- check! now must continue to get ready for my flight!]


Blogger snuffaluffacis said...

TFMD - you have my sympathies. He might be a nice guy but he seems a bit of a total douche at the same time.

As for "having to endure shitty music while basically being ignored by the person we were there to see" - sounds like every wedding I have ever been to. haha

12:04 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

I take offense to that Snuff!!

2:47 PM  

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