Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I don't have a whole heck of a lot to say that is actually important or significant but I don't really feel like working yet either. I'm also hoping this makes me look busy so I can accidentally forget about my 10:30 meeting that is a waste of my time to go to.

While avoiding work by reading Pink is the New Blog, I discovered that The Hills is scheduled to start again on August 13. I'm thrilled to know I'm not the only person over the age of 23 who watches this show. I love it. I can't get enough of it. I wish the girls were just a little smarter and said "like" just a little bit less but how can you not love the drama that is LC and Jason (when he's in the picture) and of course Heidi and Spencer. 1. Heidi is an idiot. I have no idea what she thinks she's actually going to do with the rest of her life. I suppose there's always plastic surgery to keep her from aging and I doubt she's above a Playboy spread. 2. Spencer is the biggest tool I've ever met. Even though I think Heidi is an idiot, give me a break, how can anyone even find Spencer attractive. His hair reminds me of one of the faces in the game Guess Who? Anyway, I still love the show and wanted to share my excitement for it to begin again.

I've also started going to the gym. Ok, I've gone once but that was yesterday and I have my clothes with me and plan to go again today. Since the field house on campus is free it's a good place to go and since Mr. Kramer is never home anymore (thanks to school and work) it's not like I have anything to hurry home to. So I went to the field house yesterday and feel so good about myself for finally working out again. If only I had thought to go there BEFORE the wedding. Anywho, thanks to Clem and TFMD I have a kick ass work out play list in my iPod that helps to keep me motivated.

That's really all there is to my life these days. I'm VERY excited about going to NY next weekend for TFMD's b-party. It should be a grand time and I am very much looking forward to it. I'm also heading to upstate NY in August to enjoy some time at my uncle's lake house and relax on the boat. Should be a swell time.

As for names for Scarlett and Rhett's house - I'm not super creative so I don't have a whole lot to give you. A few (ok, it might only be one) suggestion that popped into my mind (which means it's probably already the name of some place famous b/c I have very few original thoughts) is Ridgemoor. Yeah, that's all I got. I just tried thinking of something else and seriously couldn't do it. How sad is that.


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