Thursday, August 23, 2007

Up in the sky... it's a bird... it's a plane... it's....

So have been meaning to write for awhile but haven't had the chance... work is very busy blah blah blah. ok what i really am writing about is something that may just happen to you. Yes, YOU! But not you Margeaux.

You may be walking along and glance up and see:

The giant eye/vajayjay of Lord Sauron in the sky? Nope, it's my mom and she's going to seriously fucking kill you so you may start to want to run. [note: running won't help but at least you can feel you tried.]

Or you may be in the bathroom checking your FINE self out and notice it's suddenly got a little cold- you look in the mirror and BAM!

Is it a Dementor? No you stupid muggle it's my f-in' Mom and she is NOT playing around.

[Mom middle center hovering]

You may be sleeping soundly in your bed and hear a slight russling in the dark. No, it's not your significant other. What could it be?

Is it Jason!?? No it's Jason's Mom - watch the damn movie- BUT JASON'S MOM KNOWS MY MOM AND THEY WILL BOTH HUNT DOWN YOUR NON-RSVP-ING SOULS! And I think Margeaux might help b/c it fires her up as well.

And if you haven't booked a room get on that shit or buddy system it up with Margeaux or Scarlett b/c I get 20 f-in' phone calls a day that my Mom thinks it's filling up quick.

The End.


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