Sunday, September 30, 2007

So I'm looking forward to seeing Becoming Jane today! I'm not expecting anything great, but I am expecting Rhett to HATE it, which provides a little satisfaction. That's mean I know.

Oh, so if I needed any more reason to visit The Future Mrs. Darcy, wait that brings up a point....wait I'll revisit that point....but first, I have more reason to visit The newly actualized Mr. & Mrs. Darcy in Boston now that even more friends are moving. My sister-in-law is headed there, but also Rhett's married friends from the Fool, you met them at KE 2K6. AND as a side note, my sister-in-law is getting a two bedroom, two bath apartment, so we've got comfortable accomodations.

So, what are we calling you these days TFMD? I think I know, but you should be the one to reveal your new nom de plume.


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