Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, I guess I would be the only one to not have met Cam.

Today I basked in an afternoon nap after a very late night photoshoot and a very early morning darkroom session. I got some great shots, but unfortunately, the lighting produced difficult to print shots, but if I can make them work they'll be great for my class portfolio. I continued on with the Mod theme. And now I feel like listening to epic Bond themes.

Now, I wait for Rhett to finish up. We're going to purchase a new showerhead. We'll replace the leaky one for hopefully a non-leaky one, thus saving us the aggrivation of sopping gallons of water with our specially designated "floor towels" which are NEVER to be confused with our bath towels. See what potential house guests have to contend with?

Ah 100 year old houses!



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