Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Son of a bitch.

So some of you may know i'm watching my 15 (nearly 16) year old sister this week while my mom is in Italy. Now i'm not sure who i ranted to when but i recently saw some suspect pictures on her facebook and some blatant mention of drug use (weed) and drinking on her friends myspace so i've been worried and on friday i had a mini melt down (it was the first day) and did a little "investigatory work" in her room. I didn't come across much. A lighter- quasi-circumspect- and an empty water bottle that vaguely smelled of mint/alcohol (which also could have been my mom's mint lip balm) but other than that nothing. So i've been trying to subtly bring up important topics but, as i've said, it's hard to tell someone that they're too young to do too much when the person in question thinks they're an adult (which she is not).

And with all of this how do I end up teaching my sister how to snap bottle caps!?!? It probably went down something like this: she tried to flick a water bottle cap at me but how you'd flick away a bug or something so I said "Give me the cap" and then show her what I can do and she thinks it's the greatest thing ever and wants me to show her how to do it. I figure at least it would be a good way to broach the subject.

ANYHOO in other news I took our dog out for a walk and when we (mostly sister) got back noticed ticks on her and picked like 10 ticks off and since I've been sleeping in the bed the dog sleeps in (it's a people bed for the record- not a doggie bed) and I've been taking her for walks all week I'm terrified that I now have lyme disease as well. Aforementioned sister checked my scalp and I'm scalp clean but now I have that psychosomatic itchy sensation all over.

What else? Not much- we had a bit of drama about going to school today but she went. Other than that it's pretty quiet which I hope is not how my Mom's life is because i'd feel kind of bad but she has friends in the area and works a couple of days a week and my sister is only at school until 2:30 each day so I suppose people are around but I hope she has fun.

I also think that I have a design for my website that I like so hopefully I'll have that to show you soon as well!

That is all.


Blogger Clementine said...

Facebook is a wonderful tool to spy on young relatives ;-)

2:32 PM  

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