Friday, September 29, 2006

So Popodopalous took a breathalizer last night... Methinks there's a story behind that. Perhaps the next happy hour could be within the confines of our nation's capital because a 2 hour trip ride from work to clarendon back into dc then back out to maryland just ain't doin it for me. And if not for me- think of Scarlett. It's a 2 hour drive to STL then a 4 hour flight to Reagan and a quick hop into the city on the metro. Don't make her fly into Dulles. Dulles sucks. 66 traffic... You are really cruel people.

So it's settled. District next time. Excellent.

Let me also note for those office workers out there that typing out your blog entry in entourage or whatever work sponsored email client they give you is a fabulous idea. The big boss just came and sat down next to me and it was like - whatevs. Look how hard I'm working. Look at this intense email I'm sending. I deserve a raise.

On the complete opposite end of the fishing scale I was thinking of going to Tysons with a billy club and brass knuckles and going to a bridal trunk sale if anyone wants to come. I usually only break out the billy club for victoria secret semi annual sales to beat down on all the other 34Bs who try and go after MY STUFF but I feel that those may only have been practice for the bridal trunk shows. You know, weddings are special like that, needing brute force. WHICH reminds me of the idea for my other handle- Princess Buttercup which just sounded a little too fru-fru. Or is it froo-froo? Hm.

I also believe the VA Wine Fest is this weekend as well as the Crafty Bastards Renegade Craft Fair. Lofty idea- I know especially since I just worked out the odds (on my imaginary calculatory) and there's a 57% chance that all I'll do this weekend is spend a half an hour cleaning my crack house of an apartment then get drunk on the last of our box wine and miller light and end up watching a law&order/closer/ANTM/project runway haze interjected with the 3 netflix movies we've had for well over a month now.

Yeah I'm totes Jane Austen classy.


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