Thursday, December 14, 2006

As a sensitive individual and very intune with the Earth, I thought you all should be aware of why I could possibly flip out tomorrow. No, it's not my bad Friday (thank goodness, that would be like the perfect storm) but check out this article.

Also, snuffuluficas and i drove in the country last night to watch the meteor shower. Some real beauties! It will continue over the next two nights, although last night was the peak. But I do encourage all of you (even you Margeux) to stay up past your bedtime and look towards the East tonight. We mustn't take Nature for granted.


Blogger Scarlett said...

No, Popodop we shouldn't take Mother Nature for granted. Nor should we mock her harmless creatures like the squirrel, pigeon or seagull.


5:01 PM  

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