Thursday, December 14, 2006

Damn you MSN and your Horoscopes!

I wanted to share my (and Scarlett's) horoscope with you:

"Someone with whom you recently had a deep and meaningful conversation will be acting a bit standoffish today. This person hasn't had a change of heart -- but is feeling rather embarrassed about being so vulnerable.
Do not let this change in attitude hurt your feelings. Instead, give her or him space and time to get used to your friendship's new level. This person needs to feel secure that you are going to be there for the long haul."

TFMD has already told me I am not allowed to visit Crazy Town over a horoscope.

All I'm saying is that the people (or is it astrologers?) who write these things should keep in mind people like me.

I am not going (try) not to be paranoid or upset that it's past 2:30, and I haven't received an email, yet I have "tentative" plans with Cam. Rather I am going to remain calm...unless the Committee tells me otherwise.
And by the way, my sleep over invitation was denied last night. MmmHmmm...but not being paranoid or neurotic.

I may have to go back to a pair and spare.....



Blogger Scarlett said...

As the absent voter of Clem's Love Life Committee, I concur with the chair's advice that you not go to Crazy Town today over a horoscope.

Be strong Clem, and by strong I mean sane.

I wonder who in my life that horoscope applies to?


2:46 PM  
Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

well since i can't post at work any longer i will write long rambling comments.

now first of all we both know that your real horoscope is as follows:
Virgo: Sometimes it feels like all you do at work is clean up other people's shit, which isn't surprising considering you're employed full-time as a janitor.

and mine, as you've sent me, is: You will once again make yourself sick over the smallest of possible ingested foods and liquids this week.

WHICH has actually happened to me so put some nasty clothes on because you gots shit coming your way.

Please also read this article because it made me laugh whilst i was still quasi blotching from almost crying:ahhh sweet internet the joy you bring

4:43 PM  

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