Sunday, December 31, 2006

So, we are still in ND and I am at a point where I am ready to go home. This has been a fine vacation but 8 days might be just a bit too long. We succeeded in doing almost everything that was planned on the list. We went to the casino and the townie bar and played blackjack(we both won), we played Bingo (scary), we went to trivia at The Ground Round (overrated) and we played pinocchle and dealt with typical family b.s. Sadly, we still have not gone ice skating and I think it would be good for me to go because I've got some rage issues at the moment and yelling at ME might help.

Overall it has been a fine but uneventful time. There unfortunately have been periods of frustration and feeling as though I am a bad future daughter-in-law. I feel guilty that I did not ask ME's sisters to be bridesmaids yet his sister's husband will be a groomsman. I feel that I should be involving my future in-laws in the process more than I am but everytime I try to it seems as if nobody cares to really be involved or help. Case in point - I've been asked 5 times if I want the flowers (fake) from his sister's wedding. I've said yes all 5 times. I've also said that the ribbon color needs to be changed. Well, instead of offering to take care of that for me and ship them to me, I'm asked if I can take them back on the plane with me. Now I know that this really isn't a big deal BUT it does make me feel bad for saying "no, can you please ship them" and since I really think I've been a pretty laid back bride, it frustrates me that it's one more thing I have to take care of. At this point I'm pretty much just scared to ask the in-laws for anything more than money on the day of the wedding. I think I am so frustrated because I feel that they don't care at all and while I am not their daughter, it is their son's wedding and again, I really feel I've been a very laid back bride. Anyway, now I'm just going off on a tangent so let's end that part with the good news. ME accomplished one of the two tasks I asked him to take care of by the end of the year and we officially have our honeymoon planned. We are going to Sandals in Ocho Rios Jamaica and I am SO excited.

Now....moving on to other timely topics....

2006 - A Year in Review

January - good start - hungover from my best friend's wedding the night before. Take a sick day from work after chrismtas vacation because I simply don't want to go. Work for one day then leave for ND (sadly for a funeral) - shortly after returning am placed on probation for complete bull shit reasons - curse my boss and employer every chance I get

February - got engaged - couldn't be more excited - well, at least until the diamond fell out and then I was crushed

March- 2nd trip to ND for the year - not much else to mention for this month

April - don't think anything at all happened worth noting - well, I guess I did pick out a wedding dress (honestly, these moments mean nothing to me, this was an afterthought)

May - dipshit joined my team at my job - really starting hating my job at this point - cursed my boss, employer and coworker every chance I had

June - packed up our apartment and moved to the burbs

July- turned 28 - luckily snuff and pop had me over so I wasn't sitting at home by myself (how sad is that)

August - it was hot - i think I had a phone interview for my current job - my cute little nephew was born, my brother and his wife have become even more high maintenance than I ever thought possible

September - ME brought home a stray kitten and now I'm sitting in ND talking to him about how much I miss my cat (again, how sad is that - and by sad I mean pathetic) - went to ND for the 3rd time and then to WI for my 10 year high school reunion - biggest news of all - gave my 2 weeks notice in time to not have to work at the October graduation ceremony - was SO happy to get the hell out of there - 3:00 Candy was started

October - started my new job, realized that while I was thrilled to be out of old job, there were a few things I missed - like the coffee maker

November - mom moved to DC - nothing will ever be the same again

December - went to Mexico and made trip #4 to ND - one question - why have I been to ND FOUR times in one year???? I'm pretty sure that is 3 times too many

So that my friends is exactly how boring my year has been. I look forward to 2007, getting married, having a job I really like and oh yeah, not having to plan a wedding any longer. Hope you all have a safe and happy new year. Talk to ya in 2007!



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I'm forgot to include Karaoke Extravaganza 2K6 Part 1 for the month of February.


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