Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas my fellow 3 o'clock candy members.....

Its about 10am and I am waiting for Petra and my Dad to get ready so we can go to the hospital to see my brother....

Before I go into that, let me give you some background. Last Tuesday, my brother underwent very similar nose surgery. He is still on medication and needs to take it easy. I know I have shared stories about him picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder when he is mad at me. I was actually all excited about this because it meant he couldn't beat me up. Yay!!

Ok, so on Saturday he decided he wanted to go out for a few drinks. It really was a tame night- 3 or 4 drinks (no really!!) and than home. About midnight I hear him yakking in the bathroom, I just figured it was a bad combination of alcohol and antibiotics. So he is sick all through the night, and still feels like crap the next day (christmas eve).

Now my brother is a big kid and pretty tough. Did I ever tell you how he was walking back from class and two guys attempted to jump him, but somehow he ended up beating one kid and the other one ran away? Anyway, when he has tears in his eyes you know he is pain.
Agh they are ready. I know you are in suspense- but I will finish soon...

Ok- it's now almost 9pm- so where was I....

Ah yes, so Christmas Eve, my parents finally drag my brother to the ER around 11am. After some tests it's confirmed he had an appendicitis. We had to wait for a surgeon to be called in, and the OR to be available. Surgery is scheduled for 6pm on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas ! !

Surgery went well, although he apparently had a "tough" appendix.

Today was Christmas. Unlike previous holidays, this one was spent in a hospital room. No presents were unwrapped and dinner came from the cafeteria. Yeah, it sucked. But it would have sucked even more if his appendix burst or there were complications with surgery.

So, my friends the true meaning of Christmas is not the cashmere sweater you need or the newest electronic gadget you can't live without, but being with family and friends and enjoying the time you spend together. I know this isn't always easy. But tomorrow isn't guaranteed. So my wish for you all this Christmas, is to have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday with family and friends.



Blogger Clementine said...

A bit of an update-
I just got back from NJ.
My brother is still in the hospital. Apparently there were some complications. So now he has a tube up his nose down to his stomach. This is supposed to suck everything out and than hopefully his digestive track will start working again. Basically everything he was putting in his mouth was just sitting in his stomach, he looked like he was carry a small child in his belly.
But he seems to be doing better, hopefully the tube is removed tomorrow and he is out of there on Friday.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Clem - so sorry to hear all of this. keep us updated. hopefully he will be better soon and out of the hospital. does this change your new year's eve plans??

12:58 AM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

I'm thinking of you and your bro!

5:24 AM  

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