Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas to you all.

Highlights of my brief trip are as follows in completely non-sequential order:

My cousin who is 4 talked to me this trip as opposed to last year when he hung out with MR. DARCY even though it was clearly I who brought him the present. Although his brother did poke him in the eye with the foam swords I armed them with 5 minutes after they started playing. Thankfully, he did not count this against me (or his brother, or his parents against I).

I bought a wedding dress and have a general idea as to what the flowers will be like at the wedding. woo-hoo! Unfortunately the bridesmaid dress search is still underway.

Mr. Darcy got me a sewing machine for xmas which i cannot wait to start being super creative with. Free-t-shirt-quilt your time is almost near.

And lastly i am sick. I don't FULLY blame this on Mr. Darcy b/c he was sick when i left him with his parents on saturday and i started feeling ill on wednesday and then when he came back to me later that night I then got MUCH sicker but who i do blame this on is my boss. Some of you may remember that I completely flubbed my vacation time. When I requested my time off in October or November or something I said I needed the 25th and the 26th off. My boss then said "You already get the 25th and 26th off" so I thought "Lovely". I did not check any of this though. Come Thanksgiving this is a problem when Mom starts schedule appointments on wednesday. I go- "but i won't be here then". She says "that's what your plane confirmation says". So CRAP. Everyone with more seniority had taken off this whole week and I was generally screwed. But - I already had my plane tickets so I figured I'd call up tuesday night and say I missed my plane. Later I also got friday off b/c i needed to use up a personal day and I thought using wednesday the day i needed to stay b/c i "missed my plane" would be a little circumspect.

SO. Tuesday night I co-worker, say I missed my plane and ask if I could have the bosses and the lone other co-worker who'd be here this week's numbers. I was also secretly hoping she'd just call boss herself. No such luck but she's cool about the whole thing and gives me boss' number. BOSS is a bitch. But she's a tricky bitch. She passive-aggressive and doesn't really guilt-trip but somehow does. She just acts confused at everything and makes you somehow think that everything is your fault. So whatever- I'm cool with saying plane has been missed and all apologetic and really don't care what she has to say about it because - HEY missed my plane- it was an accident- I'm in NY - what the hell can I really do about it. There's not going to be any work this week anyway and I don't have anything due. BUT THEN she's like "Oh well i was going to call you and [other designer] today [being tuesday]" so that's a little confusing but whatever. Then she is like "I thought you only took off friday not today too". So i'm TOTALLY confused b/c she told me forever ago we had tuesday off. I'm not saying anything (or rather conflicting myself) and saying "no you're right I only took friday" and then saying that i took off tuesday as well at other points and [note: she sounded drunk when i picked up the phone] so I'm trying to confuse her as much as possible until i can figure out what is happening.

SO. "Missing plane" is one thing. Total accident- there was alot of traffic on the road for Mr. Darcy and it was sleeting and we thought we could make it on time but they wouldn't let us board the plane so close to take off [I nearly believe my own story at this point]. Buuuuuuut not showing up at work b/c I THOUGHT I had off AND THEN "missing plane" is total douche-baggerie. I'm all upset about that and how i'm always screwing things up at this new job and trying to log onto our HR online but I can't remember the password and telling my mom how i think i need a new job and all sorts of horrors like that. But none the less- at the end of the day it would totally be 90% my fault. There is a calendar posted on our production room door which has everyone's days off but I didn't have any so I didn't bother looking. Anyway- very upset didn't sleep well and doesn't it fucking turn out that the next day when i call up the main offices and ask if they were open on tuesday they said "no, today [wednesday] is the first day we're open this week". And that is because my boss is a 15-years-younger-dressing, pill-popping, depressed, alcoholic bitch who didn't know what the hell she was talking about when I called her on the phone.

And that night of anxiety weakened my immune system and allowed the sickness I'd been fighting to settle in. And for the record- jack shit happened yesterday at work I'm told by the other one here and furthermore I've only seen 10 employees today so we can't even get the things we are doing approved/reviewed etc and it's a big waste of our time.

The End.


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