Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, so fitting that The Fabulous Mrs. Darcy should return to the states around the time that I see Becoming Jane. It's been all Jane Austen all the time at the Butler residence lately. I advice you all go see my new celebrity crush James McAvoy, who usurps my former celebrity crush named James: James Purefoy from Rome. If you haven't watched all of Rome I recommend that as well. Le sigh, dude. Le effing sigh.

So I'll update you all on my photog class. I suck at art. I am neither deep or inventive unless of course you all like photos of a giant 14ft tall cow from a dairy's parade float. I enjoy the process of developing film and creating prints, but I'm afraid I'm lacking in the "art" department. I don't want to be a freakin' artist. I want people to pay me to take portraits of their weddings, kids & dogs. My friends who are artists tell me I have to take time developing my artistic side and that I can't expect to be a friggin' genius 3 weeks into my intro class. So, I'm supposed to just relax and "let the art wash over me."

If you all hadn't read from my MySpace blog I took a few photographs of some gasoline tankers, which prompted the local police to investigate. Oops. My bad!

currently wearing a nail polish named "Scarlett Letter" of course!


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