Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'd like to start a new segment today called:
Are you smarter than a Darcy?

Usually it would probably be on a Tuesday but factoring in hangovers from Monday night's trivia and general laziness- Thursday is also a good bet. What this will consist of is us posing the questions that we got wrong or that we got right and were surprised by and you can see if you would have been an asset to Team Spider Pig, or more recently Harry McPlopper. Or all of the question I can decipher my handwriting for...

I'll try and steal an extra picture round and list round next time so you can TRULY play along.

ANYHOO- here are the questions from last week. I'll post the answers ... tomorrow. Or maybe in the comments. Whatever seems logical.

Also this would be best played after drinking several beers on an empty stomach then eating a small amount of food and continuing drinking. BUT it's

1st Quarter:
1. [Music] What instrument was Miles Davis famous for playing?
2. [US Geography] What state is directly north of Nebraska?
3. [Foreign Language] What does the word "haute" in French or "Alto" in Spanish mean?
4. [Mythology] What lute playing Greek God lends it's name to a part of an instrument? (or something like that)

2nd Quarter:
1. [Poetry] How many lines in a sonnet?
2. [Anatomy] What part of the human skeleton has frontal lobes?
3. [TV] What show has Jill Hennessy, Chris Noth, and Paul Sorvino all been on? (best question ever)
4. [Saints] What patron Saint of Scotland has a feast on Nov 30?

3rd Quarter:
1. [Sports] Who is the only player to have won MVP in both the American and National Leagues one in '61 and one in '66?
2. [English] What is the literary term for "babbling brook" or "absolute authority"?
3. [Trees] What tree grown in Western Canada/Rockies is known as the Trembling Poplar?
4. [Anatomy] What part of the body is a nephrologist associated with?

3rd Quarter Bonus:
[Words with "OLD"]
I can't remember many buuuuuut:
1. A variety of flowers, usually yellow or orange?
2. To find fault with angrily, chide, or reprimand
3. A position usable as a base for further advance (two possible answers)
A temporary framework used to support people and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large structures
Any of various alloys fused and applied to the joint between metal objects to unite them without heating the objects to the melting point

4th Quarter:
1. [Medicine] What is the general term for the group of medicines that treat cardiac arrhythmia like "lopresson", "tennerman" (I have no idea how to spell these and haven't had luck looking them up so you might want to ignore the names)
2. [Art] What two word french phrase is used for describing art that is outside the status quo?
3. [Movies] Who played the President in the 1999 movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?
4. [Football] Who is the only player ever to win three Super Bowl MVP awards?

1. I can't remember the answer to this and it gives away the answer to the previous question so... we'll skip it.
2. [Sports] Other than the Yankees or Red Sox which is the last team to win an American League title?

There's another question that was asked... maybe as a bonus... who knows? I can't find where it should have gone so A BONUS FOR YOU!
[Musicals] The long-running off-Broadway and Broadway musical "Godspell" is based on the Gospel of ... who?

I hope this took up some of your downtime at work today. If you want to know our score, if you can each question 1 pt we got.... 12 out of 23... wow we really sucked this week.


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