Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hola senoras, senoritas and senors. That is how you say hello what you don't know the word in spanish for "everyone". Just a little tip.

I been drafting many a blog post in my head for y'all for awhile and since one goes off of Margeaux's post let's just jump right in.

Let's start with the religion WHICH I realized IS a movie post (per my comment for Margeaux) but not the movie post I was originally thinking of. Crazy, I know. So, Mr. Darcy and I love the DVR. And we stumbled upon one of those little clips in movies that plays during the credits which is the reason I make Mr. Darcy sit in the theatre until the very very very end to make sure we don't miss them...anyway we were intrigued. Intrigued by this "Jesus Camp" which we had totally missed. But with the DVR we could just search for when it was playing again and make it record it. Ahh what an age we live in. SO one night when the writer's strike was messing with our schedules again we decided to give it a whirl. [Aside: Hollywood- PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE just pay them more. My tolerance for crappy reality shows is threadbare at the moment.] Anyway within about 10 minutes we were so freaked out we needed to take a break. And to consult Scarlett ASAP. After some prodding we now WILL set foot in the state of Missouri BUT only if accompanied by Scarlett or Rhett and only with silver bullets, garlic and wooden stakes.

NOW I could go into many and rant here and then go into the data that I found that explains why I had never heard of anything like this before (Northeast has the fewest number of baptists) but instead...

I am for religions that don't make children cry; religions that don't knock fictional boy wizards; religions that don't embrace the "rat tail"; religions that don't have you baptize relatives that have already died; religions that don't impregnate katie holmes with frozen sperm; and religions that don't promote hate.

And lastly since much has been said, to answer a previous question posed by Margeaux, yes, I can imagine you in a bonnet for your new religion. It would look like this*:

Nextly, to make up a word, another movie review. Hm in retrospect I should have debuted my new movie rating before the last one but whatever.

The new movie rating is as follows:
I liked the movie ------------- Meh --------------- I did not like the movie

This is avoid the "oh my god this is the best movie ever i laughed/cried/thought/danced so much you need to go see it" which when you then go see the movie there's a 93% chance it won't live up to the Spectacular! Spectacular! you thought it would be.

Now there can be additions to the 3 ratings but only for certain types of films. Like "Jesus Camp"... I liked the movie- it made me think. And that works because I think it would be weird to unqualifyingly just "like" it. Bad horror films or spoofs are possibly another time this would work because there are many reasons you could like or not like them.

Which brings me to Juno. I liked this movie. I was worried b/c I usually am slightly wary of movies that involve quick witted teenagers since my sister can't even decide where she wants to eat/do/shop/etc even if given a half an hour to dedicate to thinking about an answer. I was also worried it would be a little too Napoleon Dynamite which fell somewhere between Meh and I liked this movie on my scale but mostly for the same reason I can't see Simon Cowell make fun of people in the first rounds of American Idol... but back to Juno. The cast was great. They didn't overplay Rainn Wilson which I was also worried about.

We also got to see it at our local movie theatre which serves alcohol in their big old main theatre which is like going to the Uptown in Cleveland Park (which was our favorite theatre in DC). And on the way to the bar after I realized why I did like this movie. It was because it was written by someone our age or slightly older. It had to be. It had mid-80s written all over it. And not the Fast Times at Ridgemont High which has some how become all the vogue but 80s like Ewoks. Not that there were any Ewoks in this movie but there was a toy robot that I'm sure I had and that I went looking for a name and picture for 2 hours ago and subsequently forgot I was writing this. And there was a hamburger phone. And sweatbands. Now it's POOOOOSSIBLE they could have figured she was into "retro" in an 80s sense but more likely it was written by someone who thought of old school things s/he might have had lingering around his/her house. Now I could probably look this all up but then I'd probably forget what I was doing all over again.

Also by the looks I was getting from Mr. Darcy in the movie I fall somewhere between the witty nutjob titular character and the yuppie Jennifer Gardner character with more than a whiff of desperation around her. Woo!

Ok i need to finish cleaning now that my new found cash cow seems to be pulling back after a nearly full week of work last week.

Reporting from hump day.

*edited since original post to protect Margeaux's true identity.


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oh i thought the stars were actually a part of the cult religion look - my bad...

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