Monday, February 11, 2008

My Weekend
by Scarlett

I painted. Full Stop!

And I had the pleasure of meeting Snuff's brother and his friend. They were quite funny, but the bro sounded eerily like the other bro and it was a complete mind fuck. But I digress. It was a short visit, but it confirmed my desire to marry a sister-in-law or two into the Snuff family.

I have been BUSY preparing the house for market. What remains to be finished is this:
(I'm writing this out for my benefit!)

The MB requires a small plaster job in two corners, then paint corners. Two windows need trim paint.

The Spare Bedroom, where Mr. & Mrs. Darcy is to sleep in like 2 weeks just needs the trim painted. I'm gonna knock that out TODAY, or my name's not Scarlett.

In Rhett's office one window and one door require trim paint.

The upstairs foyer needs trim paint.

The upstairs bathroom requires LOTS of work. But to save $ and time we've decided to do the following: pull up the crappy black peel & stick floor tiles. Apply a caustic chemical that promises to remove adhesive. Then we're gonna paint the existing tile, which happens to be cool small tiles of various squares and rectangles, but the unfortunate shade of seafoam green. The tile paint color has not been chosen, but it's going to in HIGH GLOSS! Because floors should be high gloss and it will accentuate the tile shapes.

The downstairs the trim needs to be painted EVERYWHERE!

And the downstairs powder room needs to be painted with the semi gloss Reef blue paint and then I'm gonna add stripes of a dark navy to help disquise the fact that I painted over wallpaper. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! We simply do not have the time to pull it down and perform plaster repair.

We're prolly gonna sink the $ into repairing the roof, but we're gonna hear the Realtor's advice first.

So, as you can imagine, I'm looking forward to returning to the land of rental property!



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