Friday, October 27, 2006

Being on Clem's Love Life Committee requires most of my brain power since it takes me at least 5 minutes to figure out what boy she is referring to then I need to go back and hear the story all over again THEN process it so I have forgotten my story from this weekend.

We had lots of fun blah blah blah and I learned a very interesting piece of knowledge at dinner Saturday night. Now let me preface dinner with the fact I was drunk. Mr. Darcy, La Sicilian, and I had started playing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition in a bar 3 hours and 3 pitchers of newcastle ago and when we met up with OJ (the "other" one) and a friend of hers we went to dinner and got a bottle of wine. Now Mr. Darcy informs me that I was being loud enough for him to clearly hear my voice over the crowd of the restaurant in the bathroom but I'm going to say that's just because he loves me. So OJ reveals that her on-again off-again boyfriend is frightened of me. Which of course was hilarious and I nearly snorted wine out of my nose. [note: pinot noir not friendly in the nasal cavities].

I, of course, exclaimed "Whatever- I am the nicest person I know!" which did cause some interesting stares from the other tables- I guess they must love me too. But most interesting thing was that he is apparently not frightened by La Sicilian. I was frightened of La Sicilian for the first 3 years we were friends. She is my Hermia "and though she be but little, she is fierce". But no, not frightened of her. Just me.

Now I have nothing against the boy. Sure, I did once, in his presence, say their relationship was very Ike and Tina. And FINE- I had to be told a couple of years later by OJ that I was not allowed to say it anymore because it cause many fights later but I still stand by my statement. I mean Ike and Tina without the abuse of course. Don't anyone call the police.

She would not say why he was scared of me although there was a reason she just clammed up when I began my interrogation innocent questioning. No worries though, we have not seen the last of this discussion. I'm sure some leafy substances and mass amounts of jack daniels will change the tide over Thanksgiving. I will be sure to keep you posted.

Unicorns and puppies forever,


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