Friday, December 22, 2006

Phew, well now that the whole KY is to bourbon as Tennessee is to sour mash whiskey analogy has been learned we may move on to other topics, like Rhett's birthday party. It was a hit and by hit I mean that neither Rhett nor myself expunged our stomach's contents in the middle of the night.

Since last night was maybe the last time I'd see the Belding's before Christmas, I gave them their gift. I thought you all might like to see the image I used to make them a mouse pad. Thanks go out to the Future Mrs. Darcy for her mad photoshop skillz!

As you can see, he is really taking the whole pirate birthday seriously. He walks around saying "Aargh! Where is my paci?"

Scarlett's Product Review
I try before you buy!

A co-worker recommended Brummel & Brown's Creamy Fruit Spread to enhance my bagel obsession. This morning I tried it. Though the whipped mouse-like texture was promising out of the package, it melted all over my toasted bagel. Unlike cream cheese which has the substance to stand up to a chewy bagel, this product is just too sweet and too thin when melted. I give this a big thumbs down for toasted bagels though it could be great as a dip for fresh fruit.



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