Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Year in Review

Now usually Snuff and I go month by month over a couple ciggies on the balcony, but since Margeaux has led the way, we shall contribute ours as well.

January - Celebrated our second wedding anniversary at Les Mis. Absolutely fabulous performance and "On my own" brought tears to my eyes. Met the entire family at The Big House for a long weekend and visited Luray Caverns. (side note: remember if visiting heavy parkas are not needed as the caves remain at a constant 58F.) Snuff goes to Denmark.

February - I take my new position in Business Operations. Sudukuo Championship at Union Station ensued. Yay Future Mrs Darcy for qualifying! Nice reminder Team Naked Pairs tees were made.

March - Started new job with a fab trip to Miami for the conference - missed Winter Music Fest by 3 days, doh. Lovely St Patrick's weekend in Chicago were we got to see friend and the bottom of way too many Jageur (sic) Bombs.

April - Snuff's birthday and Tax Day all at once, both monetarily draining. Brother in law came back from Iraq and had a great weekend reunion down in North Carolina. Painted welcome home banners that lined the entire back yard. Bets on the Grand National were unsuccessful but cheering at the top of our lungs was very fun. Snuff's ma came to visit for Easter and we had Rhett and Scarlett over! Yummy dinner, I thought.

May - Booked Jamaica 2007 St Patrick's Day trip! Whoo Hoo not too much longer now. Went and took care of my brother who had RPK laser eye surgery. Snuff in Denmark again for two weeks with a side trip to Norn Iron including cricket game.

June - World Cup Fever begins. Many pounds to be put on in the next few months due to the copious amounts of beer that were drunk and the lack of activity one gets on a bar stool. Scarlett away for two weeks visiting P-town...just a visit right? =) Snuff is published in the Belfast Telegraph.

July - Up to my sister's in laws house for the 4th. Nice pool and fun by all. Snuff and I go back to Memphis for work and too see friends. So weird to be back. Birthday was great, got a treasure hunt all over DC and friends waiting at the end and tickets to see Ben Harper in September. Also went fishing the day before with my new pole which then starts our new fishing lives!

August - A little angel came in to our lives for but a moment. Snuff goes to Denmark twice - ugh.

September - Snuff and I visit California and my Gma. Wonderful trip and great to have some one on one time with her. Some bling flying around for a certain engagement! And of course we all had homemade tattoos from Talk like Pirate day at Ri-Ra's.

October - Brother gets married in Greenville and Cuz in Outer Banks. 8 days of complete debauchery. Supposed to check in to Betty Ford after, but had brother in law here, so had to take him out. And then of course who could forget a birthday wish of all her friends dressing up for Halloween. Who were those masked aliens? Crazy three month training program up and down the east coast starts for me. And no I don't mind drinking by myself and talking to strangers in random cities.

November - Snuff's ma back for a nice Thanksgiving visit. Thankfully we were both here this time.

December - Friend Emily came to visit. Finally got piano from my birthday. Christmas snuck up on us and our trip to Kansas was short but nice. And now we sit on the final day and think about the year behind us, filled with wonderful memories, good friends and exciting trips.

2007 Predictions to come...


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