Thursday, December 14, 2006

Things I wanted to blog about today but since Google Beta isn't available at my work anymore I could not:

The front page article on the express this very foggy morning was about how circumcision may limit HIV. The article contain the following quote:
"It's not a magic bullet, but a potentially important intervention" written by the one and only Dr. Kevin De Cock.

FOR REAL?!?! Dr. De Cock.... writing....about....circumcision.

Best. Article. Ever.

Secondly I have joined the cult of facebook awhile back and immediately sucked Clem in who in turn (I suspect) sucked in Petra and the cycle continues. Now facebook -- whatever-- i don't even really enjoy it's stalking but it's nice not to have the crazy skins that my sister enjoys that makes the page 25 feet wide by a million feet long and the text only fit in a box 3 inches across. What i love about facebook is one thing and that thing is that i joined a group called "If Jim and Pam don't get together in the end I'll kill myself" So true. So true. P.S.- join facebook i need more friends.

C) While writing Clem I just wrote "Cheese makes everything beer" instead of "cheese makes everything better". My two loves have apparently intersected in my brain.

Fourthly, I believe that the two loves and their combination is my super power. Their fusion has resulted in me being able to call what is about to happen on Heroes in the commercial break before it happens. Mr. Darcy's super power, on the other hand, is to COMPLETELY NOT understand what anyone's super power is until I explain it-- yet he still loves the show. Mr. Darcy's favorite super hero on the show is the chick who (this is a quote) "Does heroin, sits around and beats the crap out of her family"

Awww. Sweet isn't it? Actually his favorite character is the Asian one who's name is, I believe- Hiro.

OK well it's time to leave work. I shall post this when i arrive at home.


Blogger popodopalous said...

the chick doesn't do heroin the artist does... come on people

9:39 AM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Jim & Pam just HAVE to get together, or I'll have to kill myself too...and I don't want to have to do that.

9:19 PM  

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