Thursday, December 07, 2006

To avoid work while I was bursaring (is that a verb?) I often browsed the following entertaining and informative websites:

Pink is the New Blog
A hilarious take on celebrity gossip.

A must-read for any indie music lover

Lists, short stories and other interesting writings. LOTS to read in case you really, really want to avoid work.

The Future Mrs. Darcy, take heart, we all get where you're coming from. (Sorry, dangling participle) We sympathize and hope that you find fulfilment in your career soon. As talented as you are, demonstrated by a very hot Johnny Depp singing my theme song in a cool card that you made, you're sure to find some employer who recognizes that your contributions are invaluable.

F the "man"

Oh, BTW Margeaux, your Me-hi-co pictures were beautiful if not prolific :-)


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