Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wind it Up
An update of the life of The Future Mrs. Darcy as told in 3 Acts

Act II
Return of the Two Fellowship Ring Kings

So after my Thanksgiving extravaganza the week before I came back to two having been gone 2 more days than everyone else and general had no idea what I was doing. I forgot what all of my projects were and where they were and when they were due and it turns out they were everywhere and increasing and all due not-now-right-now.

This is was part of my decent into what was becoming my increasingly hobbit-like behavior. I didn't have time to blog or chat or anything. People were worried. But that did stop me or Mr. Darcy (who I assume was not as hobbit-ish at work but I cannot confirm). We eschewed other people and... Even TV. We let DVR take over and just hung out. Notable exceptions to this behavior are Wednesday when we went to poker. I, eschewing people, was reluctant to go spend time with people who invariably piss me off but Bosse just moved into his new house and my presence forces them to play tournament so it couldn't be that bad could it? Wrong. House was nice. Got to see the children who are always cute and we did play tournament but the normal bullshit of playing with childish men who have bigger mood swings than a pregnant woman watching a Lifetime marathon of Beaches, Steel Magnolias, and Love Actually. Bleh. And I was out late.

Other notable exception is Friday where my anger at stupid insurance agents who lie to me and other customer service assholes who turn on their answering service at 4:57 so I get to hear "Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Please call back during normal business hours" WHEN IT IS IN FACT NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS!!!!!!!! This anger led me to go out with Mr. Darcy's crew from work to a dive near them, over to Guapo's in Bethesda then to another bar in Bethesda. It was at Guapo's that I got a sickening suspicion that my body is still not letting me forget the indiscretions from the PREVIOUS Friday. I had one beer and one margarita and felt like I was going to vomit WHICH means I was only able to have one single solitary nacho and one single solitary chicken quesadilla slice. BOO!!! I did not drink for the rest of the night and felt slightly better towards the end of the night. Mr. Darcy was going to host an "after party" but due to the dramatic shift in weather and the rest of the party's great level of drunkenness compare to our lack there of we ran ahead to the metro and figured if they followed they followed. They did not and I hear went off to "after party" elsewhere. I'm not so sure I enjoy the company of all of them so no skin off my ass.

The co-workers of Mr. Darcy have tendency to be argumentative which is fine but the friends of a specific co-worker of Mr. Darcy's are hipster intellectuals who argue in the way where .... Ok I'll give an example:

Mr. Darcy told a story [from where ever we went with Scarlet before angry inch] about a boy at a bar who was trying to talk to this girl and marines in full uniform come up to the bar between them not even noticing the guy and start talking to the girl and the girl perks up and starts talking back and original guy kind of slinks off.

Romanian argumentative co-worker turns to me and is like "what is the deal with guys in uniform" to which I say "well I'm not 100% sure and I can't speak for all women but uniforms are usually cut well and look better on than some crap some guys wear and that I'm sure SOME women are attracted to a guy in a uniform for the same way that they would be attracted to the type of guys you'd see on the Jersey Shore [which was my way of saying big macho muscle-y men in small shirts that wear chain and who can probably shotgun beers- machoismo]" so I'm being argued over that and how Romanian Arguer is saying things I will not dare because Popadop's rage could even be felt that night when he was talking nearly to the point I wanted to look around for a giant eye watching over me and explain carefully that I do not agree and please don't hurt me... But I digress. So I'm stating my elegant argument and friend of co-worker [we'll call him Hipster Film Ass #1] decides it's time to jump in the conversation from the other side of the table stops me and has me start everything from the beginning but doesn't even argue at my points but accusingly say the exact same thing I just said but with inflection on the end. I then leapt across the person in between us and between blows to the head yelled "COMB YOUR FUGLY UNWASHED HIPSTER HAIR WAY AWAY FROM YOUR DAMN EARS AND MAYBE YOU COULD HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING IN ENTIRETY THEN WAIT TO SPEAK YOU STUPID BITCH!" .... Or maybe that just went on in my head.

The rest of the weekend was filled with watching movies, separating netflix lists so we could get accurate percentages of which of our friends we are most similar to (and so "Stick It" could be moved to the top of the queue), hours of me re-rating movies on my list, and dismissing everything else that couldn't be done in my PJs except for a quick trip to Panera and Bed Bath and Beyond.

It was at Bed Bath and Beyond that music was playing from those giant CD displays that you type in a number and it plays select track from that CD and the choices are usually Enya, Forests, More Enya and Waterfalls but this was not so. This was a delightful song that I know but wouldn't consider super popular and that I went home and bought off itunes and played it a million times and then asked Mr. Darcy if it could be the song we first dance to (thus knocking out "My Humps" out of contention) to which he agreed......

At Last by Etta James.

Thoughts? Comments?

And fear not... Mr. Darcy suggested he could use "My Humps" for his Mother-Son dance.


Blogger popodopalous said...

Love the blog, but lately having a hard time following the long paragraphs. Please remember that I am most surely ADD, dyslexic and/or drunk at work when I read these. Small paragraphs, bolding important words and caps do help. I appreciate your attention to this matter.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

OMG!!!!! I love At Last from Etta James, if you want it sang in person with a live band....I'm your girl....but alas....I'm totes drunk, it is afterall Tuesday - the biggest drink night of the week - so if you have no plans to have it sang in person, no prob - I know your acting friend has a better projected voice anyway.

In my sentimental drunken stupor I'd just like to say...I'm so happy you're getting married and I can't wait to go the wedding. Yay!!!!!

11:06 PM  

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