Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Popodop, please do not interpret silence as not approving your poetry....I speak for myself when I say it was very good and encourage all written works of the creative variety. I'll be happy to buy a copy of future publications for the very reasonable rate of $29.95!

I could be a writer. I feel there is a great American novel in my soul, or at the very least a good short story. However, every piece of writing is too autobiographical, that's not fiction, that's called blogging. I feel that the simple exercise of daily blogging has been very good for my otherwise unused mind. So, let me give props to The Future Mrs. Darcy for being the brainchild of 3 o'clock candy.

Perhaps, I'll work on my story archs and self-publish myself in the future.



Blogger Scarlett said...

Uh sorry...arches...with an "e" before "s" How can I aspire to be a writing with terrible misspellings?

12:20 PM  

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