Monday, January 01, 2007

Trivia Pursuit: Pop Culture Edition
Fun Game or Marriage Wrecker

Penny Belding received TPPC for Christmas. We have played it twice, girls vs. boys. These are the tidbits of useless knowledge that had us DOMINATING the boys both times.

  • The animated basketball team who had a dog named Dribbles? The Harlem Globetrotters' cameo on Scooby Doo
  • Pet Shop Boys Song? West End Girls (BTW this was my theme song when I lived in the Central West End of STL)
  • Dirty Dancing was the prequel to Havanna Nights
  • Joey was the 1st Friends character to stick his head in a turkey
  • Bob Dylan wrote Michael Bolton's song, Steel Bars
The boys didn't like their piece of humble pie served warmly a la mode. A lippy Rhett told both me AND Mrs. Belding to "Shut the fuck up!" Rhett thinks it's funny to lose all manners and speak rudely to his host. This was after a few too many tastings of beer during the New Years Eve beer tasting, which was really a posh way of saying BYOB! We are now convinced that during the right circumstance Rhett just might challenge an offender to a duel, demanding satisfaction.

Speaking of New Years Eve, I don't like celebrating this holiday in the Central time zone. It feels very anti-climactic. But regardless, I love the promise of a new year. Clean slate. I look forward to sharing good times at not just one, but two 3 O'Clock Candy weddings. I await Spring when I can turn my dining room from crack den chic to just plain chic. But that is about all I'm planning. I'm giving up planning. I'm taking life as it comes my way, good or bad. I can't wait to see what happens.

Wishing you all glad tidings!
- Scarlett


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