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I apologize for the profanity in the title to this rant but I think it sums up how my morning has been. Now, since I am not a daily rider of Metro, unlike TFMD, perhaps I am not in a position to rant but rant I will and you will read it and like it.

I was woken up at 5:10 this morning by a coworker letting me know that due to the very small amount of snow we received over night, we would not be opening until 10:00 today. On any other day this would have been welcomed news but I had a doctor appointment in DC at 9:00 so unfortunately, I was still going to have to get up at 6:30 no matter what.

I decided that it would be "easier" to metro to Foggy Bottom and then walk the 2 blocks to the doctors office instead of driving into DC and fighting traffic on Key Bridge to get to Whitehurst Frwy to get to K Street, etc. Perhaps before making this decision I should have thought more about TFMD and her stories of horror and wanting to push others down escalators and in front of moving trains.

Things started out fine. I was on track to be on time and I even had a seat (this is obviously b/c I boarded at the starting point for the train). Unfortunately, the Metro gods were out to fuck with me this morning those bastards. We pulled in to Ballston and were told that there was a disabled train at Clarendon. Next thing you know, OUR train has to go replace that train so off we go onto the platform. It's now 8:45 and I'm stuck on the platform at Ballston with all the other people from my train. Around 8:55 another train picks us up. This train has people on it which you know means all the people on the platform are NOT getting on this train. I am slowly and carefully making my way to the doors to board the train. However, the guy next to me believes he is more important and attempts to push me out of the way. I have two choices at this point: 1) turn to him and tell him to fuck off and not push me or 2) look at him and tell him to go ahead, I'll get out of his way. I chose option two.

Back on the train, standing in the middle feeling a little crowded. We make it to Virginia Square-GMU. We stop and wait. And wait. And wait some more. We are now told we are single tracking it between Clarendon and Foggy Bottom - the train that was having difficulties is actually at Courthouse. We finally move. It's now 9:05. I call the doctor, they tell me not to worry about being late.

We arrive at Courthouse. More people pile on the train. The conductor goes to close the doors. Low and behold, one of the doors won't close. The conductor probably tries to close the doors about five times. He tells us all five times to watch out, the doors are closing and to move so the doors will close. I can only assume that someone was too important and in too much of a hurry to move their fat ass b/c the doors still will not close. The conductor gets his revenge. "This train is now out of service. Everybody needs to step off the train." OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!

I am now stuck at Courthouse, it is 9:20 and I am starting to think about punching random people. I also consider calling Popodop since I am just "downstairs" and asking her to meet me for a cigarette. I decide against this as I don't want to risk running in to other people from the old employer.

Two trains come and go. I do not attempt to board as that would be absurd considering how crowded they already are. I call the doctor and ask if I should resschedule. They tell me it's ok and not to worry about it. Finally, the third train is completely empty and we are on our way again. I finally make it to Foggy Bottom, get to the doctors office, check in at 9:50 for my 9:00 appointment. 25 minutes later I am done, out the door with a new birth control prescription and won't have to go to the gyno for another year. What a wonderful way to start my day!

So, that was my morning. How was yours?

Metro hater #1,497,362 - Margeaux


Blogger popodopalous said...

Oh I didn't see you when my train when whizzing by you at Ballston, as I was in the back with my headphones on doing a crossword puzzle and didn't even realize something was up until i went to get off at Courthouse on the wrong side since the train was one tracking it. it was pretty mad though...

3:08 PM  

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