Thursday, February 01, 2007

OMG!!!!! I feel like crap. Why you ask? Well because Wednesday nights have been designated for meeting our friend Matt for drinks. I had too many said drinks and I had to use the excuse of snow being on the roads for why I could not attend my second day working for my friends' theatre. We got a mere dusting last night but it continues to flurry and will until this evening, so this is a flimsy excuse.

Don't "they" say that "alcoholic" is assigned, not on quantity, but how it "affects" your life. I think being too drunk-sick to work constitutes "affecting" my life - right?

Am I just being puritanical? Should I just rid myself of guilt and responsibility?

Oh and I decided that perhaps I should rid MySpace of any and all self-depricating stories of when I was sooo drunk I did this stupid thing or that stupid thing. I'm concerned that if any potential / future adoption agency were to do a character check that I would be deemed unfit for motherhood.

Shamefully Yours,


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