Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[finally BLOGGER! i've been waiting for your updates to get done forever]

A couple of rebuttals and comments:

Margeaux- sorry about the bad week. For you I prescribe Demitri Martin's comedy special on (where else?) Comedy Central. Actually that goes for all b/c that is only way you will fully understand the post that I am draft that will come out next Thursday. To entice you here is a sample (probably horribly paraphrased) "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. Once you have it you can't get rid of it"

Genius people. Genius.

Clem- we have already spoken at length about the rabbits so I will touch on the skiing. Put your weight into your uphill leg. Note that that implies that you a going perpendicular back and forth across the mountain i.e. MAKING TURNS. This is a good thing. Later on they tell you to put your weight into your downhill leg but I think that's more advanced and if you put your weight into your uphill leg and bad things happen you fall up the mountain (not so bad) versus the other way where you fall (continuously) down the mountain (not so good). Also if you know more about ice skating use the same principals as hockey stops and then if you get good you can hang back and wait for everyone to get down the hill and stop and wait for you then you can come down and hockey stop and spray them all with snow. Ahh memories.

Secondly bailing is sometimes a good thing (quickly approaching tree) but note the first time I took Mr. Darcy skiing (which was his 2nd or 3rd time ever versus my millionth or bajillionth time [started ski lessons 2nd grade]) that one the last run he bailed and when he got up he said "hm my thumb hurts" and took off his glove and his thumb was all jammed back and trying to come out of his wrist. And to address that I will tell you if you do hurt yourself in that fashion- don't wait to go to the ski patrol- there's snow all a-fucking-round you. Put some on your boo-boo it will help with swelling. But then go to ski patrol and then go to bar later. Everything will right itself.

BUT. The one injury that skiing cannot screw with is of the ankle variety for I have indeed gone skiing with sprained ankles. Boot=cast. Ankle's not movin.

What's going on with me? My life kind of revolves around my morning crossword puzzle which I'm ACTUALLY GETTING GOOD AT! I can usually get 3/4 done but have yet to complete one- keep watching for updates there. I've entered the second season of Veronica Mars and have taken over the majority of our netflix movies in a violent coup d'etat so I'll have 8 whole episodes ahead of me this weekend. Tomorrow Mr. Darcy and I are going to see "Into the Woods" at the Signature Theatre which I BELIEVE Scarlett auditioned for before she left. Into the Woods is my favorite musical by far and I am very excited to go see it.

OH Margeaux asked about wedding plans awhile ago. Thus far we have reception area, church, priest, my dress, dj, florist, and choices for the bridesmaid's dresses. I suppose this is the place to air my grievances (despite it not being Festivus)..... Not that it's a grievance but... Arg. So I've never been in a wedding besides my Mom's which OBVIOUSLY I wasn't expected to do anything (although I'm told that I memorized her vows in case she forgot something to help her out) so I've been picking Clem's brain on occasion and got Emily Post's wedding planner to make sure I'm not expecting more than I should buuuuuuuuut... I picked out dresses, made a website with all of the options and the dress makers info and prices and asked for opinions and got a lot of "I kind of like #1 and #3 but it's whatever you want" so then went back and used that info and picked a few more and reposted all of them on the website and was like "this is something I want you to like and be comfortable in and maybe be able to wear again. I am shaped differently than all of you- you know what looks good on you- LET ME KNOW which if any dresses you like and why yada yada yada" and got more 2 sentences emails like "I like 3 and don't like 2 b/c I think the straps my fall off my shoulders". And my mom is freaking out about the shower and thinks that the girls should be helping at least with planning crap to do and I know that they're probably not thinking as far into the future and my mom and still seeing it as months and months away BUUUUUT

I narrowed down to 3 dress choices and sent them out an email telling them all the stores in the area with the dresses and the ones that overlapped if possible and the ratings that the stores were given b/c (as we found out over thanksgiving) it's not hard to have a horrible experience at some of these stores and I haven't heard anything back and I'm sure this is a case of my Mom being crazy-proactive and in turn driving me crazy but I don't know.

But all I know is I'm realizing I'm probably going to have to be a little more bitchy about this and I'm totally going to be all fucking Old Testament eye for an eye when THEY GET MARRIED so they better seem a little more interested.

Hm that actually feels a bit better. That is why my favorite word is catharsis. So I'm not really mad but it's kind of like WTF when Margeaux is asking how things are going and Scarlett is already spinning the tunes in her head and I know it's because they're going through/gone through the whole sha-bang as well. And La Sicilian has asked and seemed more interested and I know she works from 8:30 to 6 everyday and has an hour commute both ways so not really a lot of time to jaunt off and try on dresses. So I guess it's mostly OJ. You know what- she is totally pulling a signature Canada/OJ move here. Like I'm 53% sure she's said something to La Sicilian and she just too wrapped up in her own bat shit crazy world and trying to be SUPER COOL that it just doesn't even cross her mind to OOOH I DON'T KNOW help me out when she gets out of work at 3 in the afternoon and doesn't have class after 3 days a week.

And THAT ALL BEING SAID I'm really not angry and they are my friends and I have hopefully tricked them into coming down and visiting it's just sometimes I wish that we could drop a lot of the girl shit and just say what we're thinking and that OJ would drop the oh-I'm-so-crazy-and-"liberal"- and-smoke-pot-LOOK-AT-ME-THAT-MEANS-I'M-COOL -even-though-I-got-this-crazy-"liberal"-at-a-super-richy-rich-liberal-arts-school- and-my-parents-just-stopped-supporting-me-and-I'm-27

Hmm maybe it's best we don't say what we think.

Well that was quite the rampage bet you'll think twice about asking about wedding plans in the future hmmm ;)


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

My future in-laws flat out said that since this wedding isn't in ND, they aren't as involved and don't care. Not a good way to start our relationship. My sister-in-law was supposed to go with me to get my wedding dress when it came in and then bailed b/c she didn't want to drive to Springfield and deal with the mixing bowl b/c she was something like 6 months pregnant and tired. Mind you, her wedding was a HUGE production and I was like the devil sister-in-law for not being super psyched about it every time I saw her. Two of my friends from home, who are married, rolled their eyes when my matron of honor asked if we selected wedding bands and I talked about the wedding for a full two minutes. People suck! I know what you are going through and I do truly care and want to hear the details. Good, bad or just flat out bitching - I'm hear for ya!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

I love both my brides to be so I'm excited to hear that you're serving Chicken w/ lemon and I rather like taffeta. We at 3 0'Clock Candy straight up got your backs.

PS - you have to find my iMixes on iTunes and rate them 5 stars!


11:04 PM  
Blogger popodopalous said...

Good venting, both of you. But I do have to chime up and say, does anyone anywhere, know anyone who has actually worn a bridesmaids dress again. Listen, it's very sweet to try to include them, but I say pick the dress and tell them. It'll be one more thing you can cross of your list and it'll be the one you want. Their opinion doesn't count and they won't all agree anyway. One the day, you will be the most beautiful, they will be wearing bridesmaids dresses and no one will be looking at them. Capiche?

1:16 PM  

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