Friday, January 26, 2007

This post definitely falls under the label blogorrhea (really- that post is not on the main page anymore- you mean i'm going to have to research it to get the correct spelling- really, internet? fine then. be that way)

So i would not consider myself makeup crazy. My mom, yes. My sister, yes. Myself, eh. I have come to the point where i wear at least blush every day but not always eye shadow and never foundation. Oh and i'm a giant tightwad and wait until i go home to sift through the endless free sample gifts my mom/sister has acquired for things the blondes have deemed "too dark" for them to wear.

But what i super love is Tarte. They're colors are nice and cool and wear well blah blah blah blah- what i really love is their names for things. Everytime i go to Sephora I B-line upstairs, around to the front of the store in the middle aisle facing towards M street and stare at all of the names of the eye shadows ("bathtub gin", "pink panty pull down", "peyton place", "no, no, nanette", "867-5309", "hot lips hoolihan"...), their double ended lip gloss ("ferris & sloan", "cliff & clair", "luke & laura", "westley & buttercup"...), and cheek stains, which always get top honors in the mags for long wear and natural color ("tickled", "sunkissed", "dollface", "tipsy"...).

Crap i have work to do. OOOOOK i guess you're all saved this time. But next time- twice the rambling to make up for it!


Blogger Scarlett said...

My FAVORITE blush from M.A.C. is called Cheeky - ha ha get it. Lovely! Can I be the person to name colors? Do I need a degree in marketing to do that?

4:32 PM  

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