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As previously mentioned...I'm well on my well to being highly inebriated, but what better way to be on a Friday night? I have a brand new Spin and Domino magazines and I plan to watch some guilty pleasure dvd and chill tonight, while Rhett plays WOW. Anyway, I know that I have a quiz on my MySpace page, but I thought I'd write a part II for my 3:00 pals.

Here goes:

1.) Let's say I could pick any job on the planet and lead singer of the coolest band ever was taken, so was photographer and movie critic, which would I choose?

a) namer of nail polish / cosmetics / paint colors
b) sales associate at an over-price merchant of housewares
c) dog groomer
d) professional video gamer

2.) I'm stuck in an elevator. What am I likely to do?

a) play Sudoku
b) hyperventilate
c) sing every song in the Burt Bacharach catolog until rescued b/c elevators have good acoustics
d) bite my nails

3.) What kind of car do I drive?

a) Red Nissan Sentra
b) Red Mazada 626
c) Red Toyota Corolla
d) Red Mitsubishi Eclipse

4.) Which band did I not see in D.C. at the 9:30 Club?

a) Tegan & Sarah
b) The Bravery
c) that band (Zox) with the drummer that The Future Mrs. Darcy went to high school with
d) The White Stripes

5.) What white wine will you never see me drink?

a) Chardonnay
b) White Zinfendel
c) Pinot Grigio
d) Chenin Blanc

Part II) And why?

6.) Who is my favorite female jazz singer?

a) Ella Fitzgerald
b) Nina Simone
c) Nancy Wilson
d) Billie Holiday

7.) Where did Rhett and I marry?

a) a winery
b) a hotel
c) an art gallery
d) a garden

8.) Besides my Cheer Bear & Jem Halloween costumes, which character did I fittingly protray?

a) Velma from Scooby Doo
b) Veronica from Archie
c) Ms. Piggy
d) Smurfette

9.) What is my favorite Cal Tort menu item?

a) Thai Chicken Burrito
b) Chicken Cesar Burrito
c) Steak Quesadilla
d) BBQ Ranch Burrito

10.) What would I rather do on a Friday night (besides get drunker by myself and blog)?

a) Bougie bar a la Zola in the District with wine and cocktails then off to the theatre (pronounced THE-AH-TAH)
b) Watch crime drama on tv
c) Clean my house
d) Paint my toenails

Extra Bonus Points: Name the best effing rock experience of my entire freaking life.

Extra Extra Bonus Points: What neighborhood did I live in during my STL years?

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: What 90's television series with a lead actress of whom I have been told I resemble have I checked out from the library recently?

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: Who is my favorite movie critic?

Good Luck Bitches!


Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

1) any job? a) namer of cosmetics

2) stuck in elevator? c) sing songs although i have a slight fear that that's a trick answer and the real answer is b) hyperventile but I'll stick with c).

3) car? d) eclipse. I'm 99% certain that when I suggested you brew moonshine and turn your car into the general lee you said your eclipse bottoms out on the country roads.

4) 9:30 club? a) tegan and sarah- i'm guessing they'd be at birchmere instead.

5) White wine? b) white zin. It was a coin flip between that and chardonnay. I'm not sure but I'll guess- vomit in bed...?

6) Fav female jazz singer? b) Nina Simone. I believe your parents had an extensive collection...

7) Where did you and Rhett marry? c) art gallery

8) Halloween costume? Hmmm Jem and Carebear are the costumes I remember. I'll say a) Velma. But if not I insist you are Velma this year.

9) Caltort? c) Steak quesadilla. Final answer.

10) friday night? HMMM it's completely setting it up to be Zola but... hmmm. I'm going to phone a friend. (read: yell over to the computer next to me). a) Zola. Mr. Darcy says "when in doubt go with the longer answer"

Bonus #1) Best effing rock experience? Hm. There's the Maroon 5 where you and Glinda thought you could get back stage then there's the one... with the guy. And you were close. And possibly could have gotten his sweat on you. Ok let's just say "Scissor Sisters" b/c that was the last one.

Bonus #2) Ummm something directional. South End. North Side. East Something. Somethingelse West.
I'll accept partial credit. ;)


Bonus #4) Movie critic? For real? Ummm Ebert? Is he the one who's still alive? If not- whichever one is still alive. Statler & Waldorf?

OK SIDENOTE: while i was looking up the names of the two muppet theatre critics I came across a possible band name even though i'm sure i'm too late: Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem rock band. WHICH was the band in the muppets.

OK i've bombed all quizzes so far but i'm still feeling confident.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Ok, if I bomb this I'm sorry! I do try to listen.

1. a - named of cosmetics

2. d - bite nails (or b - hyperventilate)

3. d - red mitsubishi eclipse

4. i'm totally guessing c - zox

5. again no clue so i'll go with b - white zin b/c i would avoid that too

6. b - nina simone

7. c - art gallery

8. a - velma??

9. c - steak quesadilla

10. a- zola

bonus 1: not a clue - also going with scissor sisters (as did TFMD)

bonus 2: i think it was the west end - also maybe known as boystown

bonus 3: My So Called Life (w/ms. claire danes)

bonus 4: um, ebert??

10:39 AM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Uh huh! Okay girls I'll wait to give the answers until everyone has turned in their papers!

11:13 AM  

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