Friday, March 23, 2007

So I've told Clem to make herself a wee quiz as well in her imminent boredom this afternoon so I want to give everyone my answers first:

If you haven't taken the quiz yet and don't want to see the answers: DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200 AND PROCEED STRAIGHT TO THE QUIZ

1) What are the names of The Future Mrs. Darcy's breast according to her super gay high school friend?

b) Fred and Ted. Suckiest boob names ever. I was not pleased that they seemed like an ambiguously gay duo and since everyone guessed it anyway I might change it to Betty and Veronica (c) which is much cooler.

2) What is The Future Mrs. Darcy's favorite food?

c) cheese. I love me some cheese. Most especially sharp cheddar, Land O Lakes white american deli slices (which i had to breakfast this morning), and most recently brie.

3) What does The Future Mrs. Darcy believe to be the superior Law and Order?

a) regular Law and Order. Bonus point if anyone would have mentioned Jerry Orbach. And i would have broken all ties to anyone who said d) Trial by Jury. Unfortunately/thankfully neither of those happened.

4) What is the most quoted TV Show in the Darcy household/chaos vortex?

a) The Simpsons.
BY A LANDSLIDE. Sure, I will break out in a "Me likey jumpy. Me likey jumpy." or "This is where my babies comes from" (both from my FAVORITE Family Guy episode- Lethal Weapons where Lois takes karate lessons) or talk about wanting to "drive to Hogwarts" or start singing "Dick in the Box" in the shower (SNL, duh), or even say "I'm gay for God" or this other line which is totally escaping me at the moment from my favorite It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Hundred Dollar Baby" which now that I think about I might buy from itunes since the dvd i brought to watch at work today isn't working but that is neither here nor there. What IS here AND there is that every "excellent" you kids read on a day to day basis online is a Mr. Burns excellent. But at home it get much more arcane in the references: "Ahh Cobras"... "Look at me I'm a business jerk"... "64 Slices of American Cheese"... "Tomacco"-- Ok i've changed my mind. You can not know all the other ones but GOOD LORD you need to be familiar with the Tomacco episode.

5) Everytime The Future Mrs. Darcy learns or uses a quote from said show- what subject from school is pushed out of her brain?

d) Chemistry. Whomever answered European History- I DISAPPROVINGLY SHAKE MY HEAD AT YOU! And je me souviens le francais- kind of. But chem- I barely f-ing knew chem when i was taking it. I stopped taking ALL SCIENCES because of chem and can barely tell you what noble gasses are.

6) What musical does The Future Mrs. Darcy hate even though she has never seen it and doesn't really know the songs but hates it because pretentious suburbanite teenage musical theatre hags?

b) Rent. This was a giveaway b/c of the wording of the question- pretentious suburbanite teenage musical theatre hags
toooootally equals Rent. It just does.

7) What character did The Future Mrs. Darcy play in Grease at her high school?

b) Cha-Cha. OH and P.S. Mr Darcy and La Sicilian you can both kiss my ass because i was totally CAST as cha-cha, not that other stupid bitch and it's just UNFORTUNATE that i sprained my ankle a week before the show. I can't talk about this one further without throwing something/one.

8) How old with The Future Mrs. Darcy be on 11/1/11?

b) 31. WOW Let me just say there was some creative math on this one. 1980 childlers. And you may be X years older than I am but my birthday is after yours...... :)

9) What film does the Future Mrs. Darcy suggest getting drunk and watching nearly every Friday night?

c) Super Troopers. I laugh just writing it. AND i'm getting the strong feeling that many of you have not seen/heard of d) The Ref. and you totally should because it's Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey and really funny and to answer 10) i've obviously seem the ref so the answer is b) Dude Where's My Car. And Mr. Darcy, I believe you're thinking of the parody is Scary Movie 3 (which we've seen and actually another highly quoted film in the ole household mostly due to the fact that the David Cross/Chris Elliot scenes are hilarious) where they get the tattoos- "Ray" & "Fucked me".


These don't have an exact order but:

Taboo and Asshole need to be near the top. Shortly followed by poker and jeopardy. Then we'll throw in beer pong. But last definitely needs to be quarters and flip cup.

So there you have it. That's me in a nutshell. No, this is me in a nutshell: "Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?" Hahahah Austin Powers. Ahh goodbye noble gasses!!


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