Sunday, March 18, 2007

Learn three chords! Start a band!

"The Band"s first official rehearsal was last night. First order of business - names. We threw around some:

The Use Me's (my suggestion - shot down for being too intellectual)

The Reach Arounds (Rhett's suggestion, but loved by the Town Cryer)

The Marys (my suggestion - shot down on the priniciple that The Town Cryer wants to use the band to pick up chicks and the homosexual overtone would be misconstrued.)

Scarlett & The Town Cryer (my latest suggestion only momentarily sent through cyberspace. I'm waiting for a response)

Any and all suggestions will be considered. Please share with the group.

Okay, so "The Band" has been asked to play 3-4 songs. Here is what we're working on:

"Where The Wild Roses Grow" - an interesting duet b/t Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue that is narrative in it's telling of a brutal murder. It' s totally dark but very cool, I'll prolly get all kinds of indie street cred for this, at least that is my goal. We have to bring this song up in pitch by about a 1/3 and learn lyrics since The Town Cryer is unfamiliar with this song.

"Be My Husband" - this was originally a Nina Simone song that Damien Rice and that nameless (to me) chick covered during a European radio interview. It's a song written from a woman perspective, but The Town Cryer is working on lyrics to sing in response to my part, thus creating a duet. I love this song, but Rhett didn't think it "showed off" my vocals well.

The Town Cryer will choose a song for him to sing as a solo and that leaves one more song for me. I can't decide what to sing. It has to work with a Tenor guitar and be a simple three chord construction. I have the following in mind:

"Angel From Montgomery" - a Susan Tedeschi song. I'm kinda keeping this in the back of my head. I'm not as familiar with this bluesy tune, but I like the vocals.

"Secret" by Maroon 5 - I just love this song.

I don't know, what else....

Oh! My new favorite site: Etsy



Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

I would like to submit "Supermarket Knife Attack"

1:33 PM  

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