Monday, March 26, 2007

Gosh this weekend I hung out with my retail co-workers for the sole purpose of gathering hilarious blog worthy material, but to no avail. Saturday night was Michael Scott On Steroids' birthday and 4 of us ended up at the casino just across the stateline. I can't imagine an evening with alcohol & gambling being more unworthy of blogging.

Upside - I got my picture w/ a 20 ft tall Superman statue.

So disappointed. I hope everyone else had a more interesting weekend.

Oh! But I did buy the entire Amy Winehouse album and can't stop listening to it, which is good b/c it has replaced "Give It To Me" by Timbaland.

Also worthy of mentioning....I've had to call the pest control again b/c an unidentified spider crawled across my ceiling and has me creeped as all get out. Of course this happened a half hour after the following: while doing yard work, which incidentally takes up ALL my free time, a wolf spider was spotted walking out of the pile of undecomposed leaves I was bagging. This resulted in me jumping back 20 ft and screaming like a girl. I will spare you all from nightmares by NOT posting a picture of this horrible looking arachnid.

Sweet dreams,


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