Friday, April 06, 2007

Hola. I thought I'd give Scarlett a break from entertaining us all. For those of you who didn't get my frantic messages (not to be confused with the following drunken raving messages) on... Wednesday (?) I got called out by a co-worker for doing other work at work. And I won't get into it but you know the feeling you just got that your stomach dropped out from underneath you when you read that- it was about 20 million times worse. I shook for about 5 hours after I got his email. And then I strung some appropriate adult blah blah blah together and everything is all better at work except for the fact that I am now a paranoid delusional conspiracy theorist at work.

As I told Clem yesterday I am considering registering for bugging/general surveillance equipment and I would be in tinfoil hat except Mr. Darcy would never let me use his precious non stick foil for that.

So yeah. My week kind of sucked. And the sad thing is up until that very moment when I got the email my week was going kind of well. I had just made some progress on the ole invites and yelled at ex-job at bit. All and all good.

Let me also note on my own behalf that I have never been late on a project (have actually been told how project managers liked working me b/c I was able to get things done fast) and according to our tracking software I have still logged the most hours of anyone in our department.

Today I'm lucky enough to be leaving at 3:30 due to some over working yesterday b/c yoga is at 5 which is AWESOME b/c today my boss and one co-worker is out leaving me with the caller-outer and my gossipy namesake who I think he talked it over with at length and one other co-worker.

SO now that I have enough work to last me through... Oh half the day I'm going to work on setting up Google Reader. It's basically an RSS feed / reader whatever they call it so you plug in all of the websites you go to and whenever something is updated it comes to you in a list like an email. So instead of being obvious and going to a million websites- they come to you in a happy gmail looking window.

Well that's it for me. Bleh I don't even have a pithy comment to end on.


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