Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Last night Rhett and I painted the kitchen "woolen vest" which is a greyish olive green, a much more sophisticated hue than the Easter egg pastel green that sat on my walls for the past 6 months. A second coat is needed and we're out of paint. I never buy enough. So, since additional work is required in the kitchen I set up my computer and desk in the crack den chic dining room. It looks like another week before we can paint the second coat.

WTF? It's 40 Effing Degrees Today!

I now must ponder what to wear to work under such winter-like circumstances. After work I have to go to a pre-baptism thing for Liam the baby pirate. I know!!!! I'll wear the UBER-cute trench coat from H&M, but prolly not the adorable and vedy vedy British newsboy hat since you're prolly not supposed to wear hats in church. God! I'm boring myself....when did this blog become a purge of all things domestic.

Hopefully this evenings Mid-Week Drinking Club gathering will produce more hilarity and I can spare you all the play by play of paint drying.

Peace Out,


Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

Hmm I've given much thought to your what to wear dilemma but in all my thoughts you were painting not attending Church so my cute "railroad conductor overalls with the billowy Anthropologie-esque poet shirt with newsboy cap" and "navy drawstring linen palazzo pants with as yet unthought of top" are both out.

So for a Church outing I would need to know the color of the trench. I'm hoping it's sunny yellow with black and white polka dot satin lining in which I would recommend a red tea length full skirt and maybe a boat neck 3/4 sleeved shirt in ... well i'll let you decide what color. I was going to say white but that might be boring. You'll be a little ray of cosmopolitan sunshine in the church.

9:35 AM  

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