Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh! Gosh, I'm sorry to leave you all hanging on the quiz front. Here are the answers:

1.) Let's say I could pick any job on the planet and lead singer of the coolest band ever was taken, so was photographer and movie critic, which would I choose?

a) namer of nail polish / cosmetics / paint colors
b) sales associate at an over-price merchant of housewares
c) dog groomer
d) professional video gamer
Answer: Of course, we all know a) namer of nail polish / cosmetics / paint colors

2.) I'm stuck in an elevator. What am I likely to do?

a) play Sudoku
b) hyperventilate
c) sing every song in the Burt Bacharach catolog until rescued b/c elevators have good acoustics
d) bite my nails
Answer: This was sorta a trick question. I will except any answer. Note: I've never ACTUALLY played Sudoku, but feel, like puzzles, it would be good exercise for the other side of my brain rarely used. If stuck in an elevator and a puzzle were presented to me I'd probably think that was as good of time as any.

3.) What kind of car do I drive?

a) Red Nissan Sentra
b) Red Mazada 626
c) Red Toyota Corolla
d) Red Mitsubishi Eclipse
Answer: d) Red Misubishi Eclipse

4.) Which band did I not see in D.C. at the 9:30 Club?

a) Tegan & Sarah
b) The Bravery
c) that band (Zox) with the drummer that The Future Mrs. Darcy went to high school with
d) The White Stripes
Answer: d) The White Stripes because we saw them at Meriweather Pavilion

5.) What white wine will you never see me drink?

a) Chardonnay
b) White Zinfendel
c) Pinot Grigio
d) Chenin Blanc

Part II) And why?
Answer: b) White Zinendel b/c "friends don't let friend drink white zin"

6.) Who is my favorite female jazz singer?

a) Ella Fitzgerald
b) Nina Simone
c) Nancy Wilson
d) Billie Holiday
Answer: b) Nina Simone

7.) Where did Rhett and I marry?

a) a winery
b) a hotel
c) an art gallery
d) a garden
Answer: c) an art gallery

8.) Besides my Cheer Bear & Jem Halloween costumes, which character did I fittingly protray?

a) Velma from Scooby Doo
b) Veronica from Archie
c) Ms. Piggy
d) Smurfette
Answer: a) Velma from Scooby Doo

9.) What is my favorite Cal Tort menu item?

a) Thai Chicken Burrito
b) Chicken Cesar Burrito
c) Steak Quesadilla
d) BBQ Ranch Burrito
Answer: c) Steak Quesadilla
Other acceptable answer: anything covered in their cheese sauce

10.) What would I rather do on a Friday night (besides get drunker by myself and blog)?

a) Bougie bar a la Zola in the District with wine and cocktails then off to the theatre (pronounced THE-AH-TAH)
b) Watch crime drama on tv
c) Clean my house
d) Paint my toenails
Answer: a) Bougie bar DEFINITELY

Extra Bonus Points: Name the best effing rock experience of my entire freaking life.

Answer: Another trick question b/c I lead you all to believe it was the Scissor Sisters due to my sexually confused crush on Jake Shears. The real answer is The White Stripes as clearly stated on my MySpace slide show.

Extra Extra Bonus Points: What neighborhood did I live in during my STL years?

Answer: The Central West End or affectionately abbreviated as CWE

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: What 90's television series with a lead actress of whom I have been told I resemble have I checked out from the library recently?

Answer: My So-Called Life
I have realized that life is imitating art because Jordan Catalano was in a band called the Frozen Embryos which lost it's lead singer so Rayanne filled in, but choked, then Jordan had to finish the classic punk song by The Ramones "I wanna be sedated." Now Jared Leto is in a band called 30 Seconds to Mars and wears guyliner and we really don't need to readdress that debate. Let's move on please!

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: Who is my favorite movie critic?

Answer: Richard Roeper
NOT EBERT! Ebert is a dumb-ass.

The Future Mrs. Darcy - 90% + 1/2 pt partial credit for knowing the Claire Danes reference. You would have gotten 1 pt if you'd have named the show!

Total - 95% Muy Excellente!

Margeaux - 90% + 1/2 pt partial credit for getting the West End part of the Central West End. 1 pt for My So-Called Life

Total - 105% Sheer Awesomeness!



Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

That is the best I have done so far and therefore, it requires a thank you speech.

I'd like to thank Scarlett for the opportunity to try again with a 2nd quiz that allowed me to show my abilities as a friend. I'd like to thank the corporate establishment for which I used to work. If it were not for you, I never would have met Scarlett or spent hours each day discussing STL, Cal Tort or her dream jobs once breaking free from the shackles of the corporate world. I know I did not get a true 100% but I'd like to thank my mother for making me a good enough listener to pass this quiz with flying colors. Thank you!

9:57 AM  

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