Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let the stress begin! The last 15 months of planning this wedding have been fine. A few moments of frustration and stress here and there but those were resolved quickly. Apparently everything was going TOO well and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me. Let me recap the latest stressers.

Friday I went to pick up my newly altered dress. At first everything looked fine. But, upon closer inspection, it was FAR from fine. Due to having to alter three layers of fabric to make the dress fit how dang short I am, I now have a pucker of the fabric on my left side. Coupled with that, the ribbons that are on the bottom of my dress are far from laying flat. They are all puckered and look horrible. The seamstress seams to think this is due to it being steamed and can easily be fixed by ironing it. The puckering however will require further alterations. My mom gives them one hour. We go to lunch and come back. Viola! The pucker is gone. However, in it's place, the entire front of the dress is not laying flat and is all wavey - not a good look. The hem is also now screwed up and the 2nd layer of fabric hangs out beneath the top layer. And, the ribbons are still puckered. I go back this Wednesday to try again and hopefully it will be better. Needless to say, I am not happy but I don't cry - I accept it and hope it will work out this week.

That brings us to today. I have my hair trial set for noon. I called a few weeks ago to confirm. My mom and I get there today and much to our surprise, they are not open! This is a HUGE problem and I am PISSED! Their voicemail recording says they are now open 6 days a week but their Web site says "Now open Sunday and Monday." It's Sunday - they weren't open. This is a HUGE concern b/c as you know, the wedding is on Sunday and now I am terrified they won't actually be open and be there on the wedding day. I left a message today saying what the problem was with my cell phone number. I believe they open at 9am on Monday as that is when they open every other day. We are picking up the marriage license at 10am. If I get home from that and still have not received a phone call from them, they can bet their asses there will be some serious bridezilla unleashed on them. As it is I am pissed and expect them to get me in next Saturday for a trim, highlights and trial at noon - no excuses. A discount for my troubles would be great too. Seriously, you do not F with a bride 2 weeks before her wedding! I am fuming and expect a huge apology tomorrow. They took the appointment - knowing it was a Sunday. I called and confirmed and all was fine. What the hell happened?!

I am happy that everything else is falling in to place but seriously, why do the things I consider to be up there on the importance scale have to fall apart? What do I do if they now tell me they can't do our hair on the 27th? Finding another salon at this point in time would not be easy and would totally suck.

All I can think now - bring on the wine! Just keep me drunk and perhaps it will all be ok. I don't need food anymore - just alcohol and cigarettes. Perhaps the occassional salad or graham crackers but seriously, cigarettes and alcohol can get a girl through the tough times pretty well.

Maybe this is the stress I need to lose some weight. But really, this just flat out SUCKS!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!


Blogger Scarlett said...

Deep breaths!

I remember a certain prom I attended in '94 (not that prom equates wedding, but still) my Mom, the hairdresser, styled my hair into an effing Shirley Temple ringlets 15 minutes before my date showed up. She was able to rewash and dry into a passable style in time.

You need a mantra! During Rhett's and my dry spell we used "You're okay, I'm okay!" You might try "I wish the real world would just stop hassling me!" Which, you should know is a 10 year old mantra from Rhett and me, but still works. We believe the origins are from a Rob Thomas song, but can't quite remember from all the mocking done in 10 years.

Anyway, chin up little camper! You'll be a pretty little bride regardless of wrinkles, puckering, uneven crinlyn (or how ever the hell that is spelled)


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