Thursday, May 03, 2007

Haikus from the 2-hour staff meeting starting with forced socialization of employees (and pizza, though the pizza was good)

So yesterday was supposed to be haiku day where I wrote the whole blog entry in haiku form about the natural family planning but stupid work kept getting in the way. BUUUUT I found myself with two hours and a post it pad so here are some of the highlights. [Aside: I like to bring post it pads to meetings. I find for doodling, writing and other diversions they are less noticable than a large pad. Food for thought. End Aside]

O Crazy Lady
You've probably worked here long
Stop asking questions

People on the phone
Who are calling from their homes
Hint- use mute button

Such boredom for me
Powerpoint is the devil
Boss likes his own voice

Um, did you just say
The "web" is going to be "big"
Is this '94?

Good Lord in Heaven
The A/C is in full power
Nipples out in force

Crazy keeps going
Your bobblehead keeps nodding
Do you get whiplash?


Blogger Scarlett said...

You can't see me but I'm snapping my fingers in appreciation for your mad haiku skillz - as in Vonnegut, not in a "Men on Film" sorta way

9:48 PM  

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