Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thoughts in no particular order.

• So just when i'm thinking to myself- hm i wonder how Scarlett is and how the rehab is going and how the 'Lo was sure enough there is a blog post that describes just such events.

• I have trouble understanding the difference between Ice-T and Ice Cube. I think this is the same problem i have understanding left from right and that there mild dyslexia. I know one is in Law and Order SVU and has a crazy porn star wife and one is in those horrible "Are Done/There/Etc Yet" movie and used to have actual street cred in the 90s but I know not who is who beyond the Ice.

• Bored today? Take the reader survey at It's 5-10 minutes that you DON'T have to spend working. Hooray!

• I would really love a pizza bagel today. Chances of actually procuring a pizza bagel are about 20-80. :(

• Yesterday at a meeting I was at a loss for words to describe the big umbrella like thing that goes on flashes during large photo shoots that was peaking in the side of one of the photographs i had chosen so I called it "some camera/photo shoot accoutrement" and someone in my small department asked me if i made that word up. then my boss said "ooh it sounds french". This is only the most recent installment of "why my co-workers need 'word-of-the-day'". Previous installments include: a printer who kept using the word "unscrupulous" in the context of bad importing practices of foreign paper companies and after he left my boss was like "what was that word he kept using? i need to go look it up". Only myself and one other co-worker spoke up to give a definition. That one was the worst b/c a) it starts with "un-" you can pick up a lot from that and b) hello, friggin CONTEXT. if you have to impose laws and standards to counteract something - a something that starts with "un-"- buy a friggin vowel kids. The first instance of this was when i had been here only a couple of months and they were trash talking one of our other co-workers who's an old hippie and they were saying she was a "witch" as her religion but they knew it wasn't "witch" so i said "you mean wiccan" and they looked at me like i was going to start shaking feathers at them and draw circles on the floor and chant.

• I bought a dress for Margeaux's upcoming nuptials at Filene's Basement and it might have been in the junior's section but all the dresses were lumped together so i really can't tell. It's black and white and Scarlet has already called yellow accessories so I'm going to call green, blue and orange since I can't make up my mind.

• Yesterday for lunch I wanted to eat healthy but I also wanted pizza so I did a revolutionary thing. I had a small spinach salad with oranges (the vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron better) and a single slice of cheese pizza from Whole Foods. ! Eating good and slightly bad foods together. I am a genius. Something about having cake and eating it too... Ok that's too far.


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