Monday, April 30, 2007

Can't today just be a holiday or something?
I don't want to be at work.

So I was really ready for this weekend to be a giant nightmare. It was not. Wow maybe this is too soon to be writing again. I feel Popadop and Snuff may be the only ones who will truly understand that since they did the whole thing too.

Basically what the weekend is is 2 couples who present on various topic according to this 100 page booklet you get in the beginning. They give an anecdotal presentation on whatever topic then point you to a series of questions about it followed by 3 blank lined pages and have one of the couple stay in the conference room and the other go back to the hotel room and both write separately then after about 20 minutes they tell whoever stayed in the conference area to go back up to the room and then you have 15 minutes to talk about what you wrote.

Now. As you can probably tell my long and rambling blog posts I can talk and muse and discuss ad nauseum. Well let me say by Sunday I was tapped. Literally the fact that I can string two words together is a fucking miracle.

Mr. Darcy and I were talking about this a little last night- we feel we'd talked about a lot before and even so were kind of surprised that we ended up talking about a lot more. Anyway...

We got there at 7:30 on Friday and had presentation etc until 9 or 10 then - what else is there to do at a hotel in Dulles at 10pm? The one and only hotel bar. So we were out until 12- not too bad. Then up at 7 to be at the conference room at 8 and then ALL DAY. Writing and writing and writing and talking and talking and talking and then let out at 9. That's 11 hours of talking and writing and listening. Then it's now 9 pm even farther from bedtime and what do you do- go to the bar. This time everyone went to the bar.

Now an aside on the people. I am shocked at the amount of type A out-going people. Out of the almost 30 couples only about 2 or 3 were reserved. Mr. Darcy and I were kind of expecting quiet trolls I think. Anyway so everyone at the bar and we joined up and talked to everyone there- which was fine. I'm very glad to report there was little to no forced socialization between the couples and the time we did talk to them was voluntary and not horrible nor exclusive to extensive conversations about photographers and bridesmaid dresses. Now we didn't make friends with people and exchange email addresses like others but I don't really like people in general so that's fine with me.

By the time Sunday rolled around I could barely think. We did stuff in the morning which basically consisted of me writing- "I am so tired. I can't think." and teetering on the brink of hallucinations.

Pleasantly we got out at 1pm scooted home and slept until 5. But our weekend does not end there. We had our Tragically Hip concert at 9:30 Club which was great. We decided to go out to Guapo's beforehand and have (a pitcher) of margaritas and food. And yada yada yada food concert etc and we didn't get home until 1 am.

This morning we decided to sleep in an extra hour (ooh getting up at 7! Yay!) and thankfully rolling in at 10 of 9 I still managed to be the first one here so that means I practically got in on time at 8 am and can leave at 4. Just like I planned!

So that was the weekend. It was good- I just feel like there was soooooooo much and that I just want to sit out in the sun today instead of sit at my desk.

That'll all I got.
Remind me to tell you all about the Sexual Intimacy and Natural Family Planning topics later. All I can say is WOW. Nothing like middle aged couples talking about their sex life.

But we'll save that for another time.


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So the concert was good?

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