Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank God it wasn't Ginger.

I'm sure there were more exciting weekends than mine but I don't feel like working just yet so you'll have to endure my tales.

Friday I brought Mr. Darcy to a dr's appt in the morning and decided since I was coming in late to DRIVE (IN A CAR!!!!!) to work. Something that has not be attempted before! It was a quick little jaunt to work. The ride home on the other hand... Let's just say that I left work at 4:15 and arrived at my door (albeit with pizza and beer) at 6:30. Not fun. Fuck you George Washington Parkway being stopped from Roosevelt Island to the Beltway for no reason.

ANYWAY upon arriving at home Mr. Darcy and I caught up on a good portion of our tv including LOST and The Office, of which both were great.

Saturday we were totally posh and went to Café Bonaparte in Georgetown for brunch where we had super delish Bloody Mary's and I got my fill of crepes with nutella.*

The then plan to end all other spring cleaning plans was set into motion. I think it was:
Spring Cleaning 11:
This time we'll really finish.

Which we did not but we made GREAT strides in the kitchen, banished the spider plant that followed Mr. Darcy home from work outside, and did roughly a bajillion loads of laundry ALL of which are now put away as well.

Finally around 9 we were trying to decide what sort of fun we should reward ourselves with when a co-worker of Mr. Darcy's called and invited us over for a cookout! Hooray!!! We love cookouts. On the way some chick called up the radio and in the dumbest "are we really teaching our children in public schools voice" said that her friend was listening to the radio last night and thought that the DJ had said Johnny Depp had died. Then the DJ made fun of her and was like - not so much - it was Jerry Falwell in Lynchburg, VA who this girl had never heard of (shocker!) BUUUUUUT without the benefit of reading it as you are I was like "TELL ME he is not talking about Geri Halliwell!" This thought was immediately banished since- what the hell would a spice girl be doing in Lynchburg, VA then I remembered the papers were all afire a couple of days ago b/c of crazy preacher dying and THAT sounded a lot more Lynchburg but then it occurred to me- scary, posh, baby, sporty-- what spice is/was Geri?!? Mr. Darcy couldn't help me so I called Scarlett who also went "scary, posh, baby, sporty--" then ran down several blocks (or into the next room- but the other way sounds better) and asked Mr. Belding's Baby Momma who blessedly reminded us- GINGER! Ahh problem solved.

Back to the cookout. Had some food. Chatted a bit then randomly we watched some boxing match. The first one was very cool because these dudes just wailed on each other the entire time. It was totally like this:

Only one was from Columbia and in his prefight interview montage thing said he was so poor he would catch and eat cats when he was little and neither was a chicken.

Then the second fight LOOKED like it would be good b/c on guy was all thug skillz 4 life and from the 'Lo and had a rapper that performed while he walked down with him but the fight super sucked. BOO crappy fight.

ANYWAY. Sunday. Hmm that was yesterday. What did we do? Hmm... Interesting question. Oh yeah! It was kind of low key. We took a walk and stumbled upon this giant spanish celebration where they had tons of tents set up and everyone was wearing flamenco costumes which was interesting and unexpected. Watched Hide and Seek which was okay. Not great not horrible... Okay. How I judge movies, by the way, is whether I'd watch them again if they were on tv. And this one- maybe. If the remote was far away or nothing else was on I'd catch it for a bit.

We also spend several intense hours planning for our first Peapod grocery shopping experience creating lists and finding recipes to sustain us for 2 weeks(-ish) only realize we weren't logged in or something and have to do it over again. But it delivers Wednesday 7-9pm so hooray not having to go to the grocery store! And of course The Simpsons and Family Guy were on and that's always fun.....

Yeah that was pretty much it. Now I know there were OTHER more exciting weekends out there so I will consider the floor open at the moment....


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