Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You should really get ESPN

So I've been telling people the following story and every once in awhile (and I guesssss more often than not) they give me a strange look (and it's even stranger since these looks are coming over the internet) so I have now been led to believe that everyone knows the general concept but when the general became a for-sure and a timetable was drawn up I never mentioned that.

The story begins with the several premises: a) the Mr. Darcy are returning to our cold homelands of Harwvaaaaard Sqeers (cahrs and nawt) in September, b) I am not allowed to tell anyone at work this and c) I forget rule b when drinking.

So My Namesake left 2 weeks ago for another job and we had happy hour to celebrate her luck at the Old People Place AAAARRRRPPP where benefits are a-plenty. But my namesake has a big mouth so even with her leaving I can't tell her. Now all of this on top of the fact we went to the Public Station or Pump or something like that where happy hour has $2 draft beers and HOLYCRAP that included Guinness. SO drinking drinking drinking and I end up vaguely telling one of the project managers who is originally from that area that I'm going to move but SHHHHHHHH!

SOOOO fast forward to last week when ANOTHER project manager writes me an email about a project and at the end mentions something about me being a Red Sox fan which a) is SO not true that it was shocking and b) shit shit shit did the one PM squeal and now they all know? The kicker is that she wrote at 5 and I didn't get it until I got back from yoga at 6. Yowza.

So insert lots of freaking out blah blah blah. I write the second PM trying to weasel it out of her what she meant and ESPECIALLY nervous that she would come over and be like "I heard blah blah blah" in front of everyone then I have to start lying badly and blotching uncontrollably and bad news for all.

TURNS OUT when I first started we filled out this wee survey for a booklet we handed out to the rest of the company about our processes and for the question "what will you do after you leave here" I wrote something like "go back to the land where somehow Red Sox fans were allowed to roam free" and she misinterpreted. WHEW. Holy scared as hell!

SO that's all good.

I'll run through the rest of my weekend quickly:

Went home

Saw priest- have okay of Church to be married and little book to pick readings from.

Picked linens and entire menus for wedding.

On a whim stopped by cake place and got yummy little sample.

Tried on dress [must work biceps and get tan and learn how to take a picture in which I don't look like an asshole]

Went to yummy Italian dinner.

Took 15 year old sister to rated R zombie movie which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be plot wise considering the first 28 Days Later was really good- though she was scared as shit in the beginning.



Ran manically around town looking for mothers day gift only to end up going home and buying one online.

Mr. Darcy's parents came.

All parents, Mr Darcy and I go out to swanky lunch.

Mr. Darcy's parent's leave.

Mom's friend and children come and pizza is had by all.

Lots of chatting.

Friends and children leave.

I go through Act III of Romeo and Juliet with my sister trying to get her to understand it.



5 novacaine shots, 6 filled cavities, $860.00 and 2 hours later I feel like this:

Lots of mumbling.

Meet with florist and pick more flowers since idea of wedding has changed.



Fly home.

Whew. Exhausted all over again just writing it.


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

What?! You are going back to the land of massholes?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

5:11 PM  

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