Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dear Snarky Fashion Critics of,

Scarlett here - long time reader, first time caller, er writer. I just wanted to let you know that I find your opinions on the fashions of Hollywood 'It' Girls to be both insightful and funny. In the past I have agreed with you when you have mocked the high waisted jeans of Chloe Sevigny. I laughed out loud when you warned child actress, Dakota Fanning, of the slippery slope of leggings which ends for her 6 years from now drooling booze on the sidewalks of Hollywood. And really I'm not judgemental, I don't think you're bad people for poking fun at a child, for we all know she is a robot and not a real child.

I do think your harsh criticism of the dress over jeans look is unwarranted. I for one love this look. For me, decisions even as small as what to wear can be difficult to reach. This look is like the Ponderosa of fashion. One doesn't have to choose between jeans or dress, just like one doesn't have to choose between creamed spinach and ceasar salad. You can have both on the same plate! Also, has anyone else noticed that this season's hemline is rather short even for my 26 inch inseam. You can't wear those dresses alone without looking like a big whore and I've already been accused of whoring it up in green once this month.

So, in conclusion - lighten up on the girls who might error on the side of too much clothes. It's better than showing the world where babies come from when too little is worn.



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