Thursday, May 24, 2007

Since TFMD and Scarlett gave a re-cap of their weekends, I am bored, and trying to hold off on eating lunch just yet, this would be a perfect time to talk about my weekend.

Um…Friday: Went out with a friend for some drinks and then met up with our respective men. Nothing too terribly exciting. I was a little tipsy, maybe a 5 on the drunk scale. I couldn’t stay out late because Preakness was Sat morning.

So Sat around 7am I get my 1st Preakness call…It’s from the Soon To Be Divorcee. She is running late, but talked to our other friend is on her way. Ok cool, call me when you are about 30 mins away. I go back to sleep. Get another call, she tells me our other friend is also running late. At this point, Cam tells me to get up I need to get ready. Ugh. He is right but I hate him for making me get up right now. Long story short, we make it to the bus on time, and off to Baltimore we go.

We get there around 11am. People are already drunk. I stick with Gatorade and water…too many libations from the night before. Instead of drinking in order to deal with the drunken WT, I take an ant-anxiety pill. Yay drugs. I really don’t care that I am getting beer slipped on me or am starting to develop an awesome farmer’s tan. Whatever. Such is life, right? Around 2pm I am getting annoyed. Damn pill is wearing off. I decide I will self- medicate and have my first drink, Black- Eyed Susan. These are yummy!! Now since the soon to be Divorcee and friend have been drinking, they need to use the bathroom. Up until this point, we haven’t really ventured off. We stayed in our little circle and didn’t realize the mass chaos that was going on. People were WASTED. I’m not saying drunk like they talking to loud, or drunk like slurring. I mean drunk like throwing beer cans at the fools who decided to run across the tops of Porta-Potties.
Don’t believe me, take a look here.

I can’t deal with this. I leave them and go back to my chair. Have my 2nd drink. Things in the circle are ok….and then we all hear people screaming. Some guys about 15 feet away are fighting. Drunk people want to ‘play’ too, so now coolers, chairs, and beer cans are flying into the fight. This happens about 5 times over the next 2 hrs with different groups of people. It was basically just riots. The police finally come and break it up. Thank God. I feared for my safety at one point. I managed to stay out of harm’s way, until the very end of the race. Ugh. I didn’t move in time and got pelted on the leg with a beer can. I have a lovely welt. I can only imagine what the fools who participated in the Porta-Potti Trot look like.

We finally get home by 10:30pm. It was a super long day. There is no way I can go out. I went home and feel asleep.

Sunday I was lame, ran errands and rested.

All in all in was an ok weekend.

I feel like this summer if going to fly…. between people coming into town, bdays, and weddings, the next free weekend I have isn’t until June 15t.

Ok…well on that note. Time for me to go get lunch.

See you all soon


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