Monday, June 25, 2007

The Future Mrs. Darcy's Weekend Wrap Up in Technicolor.

What did I do this weekend is the classic question that springs to mind on Monday morning. Then I need to think really hard and then sometimes go online and check my credit card b/c that is usually the best indicator of where I have been.

Thursday was a co-worker's of Mr. Darcy's quarter century anniversary of birth at Dave and Busters. Lots of games were played. Lots of drinks drunk. And fun was had by all.

Friday I remember being slightly hung over and generally bored. I believe I did powerpoint for someone which indicated the severity of the boredom and our boss eventually let us out early at 3:30 WHICH is only a half an hour early for me but I'll take what I can get.

This is always where it gets fuzzy. Usually b/c we decide to party all hardcore on Friday night but I distinctly remember NOT doing that this weekend since the first half of last Saturday was lost to us due to hangovers. So now I recall that Mr. Darcy wasn't hungry when he got home so I had some left over mac and cheese at 5 for a snack but then we started watching High Fidelity and ended up making expired popcorn half way and that was dinner that night.

This will be a shock to many but that was my first viewing of High Fidelity. I believe it was a solid movie. My classic test: if it was on TV would I watch again? I give a solid "possibly" to that. While we were watching it I was kind of put off because I'm not one of those types who's all "I was totally listening to Belle and Sebastian in utero" and actually, with the shining exception that is our own Scarlett, I kind of want to kick people like that. Ok hold the phone- in my infinite geekiness I just wikipedia'ed Belle and Sebastian and there is no one in the group named Belle or Sebastian. Ok I'm calling shenanigans on that group! Anyhoo, I was kind of blah to the movie until they revisted Charlie, Catherine Z-J's character. Now THAT I can relate and actually was a mini-breakthrough for me. I don't know how to describe it until you see the movie but I know SO MANY Charlies. Especially in college where Charlies thrive with their crazy cool lifestyles and constant verbal diarrhea sound so cool and were such beautiful people and everyone loved them and I would get close and want to worship at their altars as well but could never really get into them. We'd talk and hang out in class but I was always like - there's something different me and you. Now it's all a little clearer. I turned out liking it in the end and probably should never have gone in thinking that this would totally be like watching my life as a whole troupe of people seem to think. OH awesome idea- do any of you have a movie that you think is totally your life? I am going to get some tea and think it over for myself. I suggest you do the same. Hmm well other than that crazy summer I met Mr. Darcy at the lodge my parents dragged me to in the summer time back when I was all sweet and good and ready to change the world and he took me into his seedy world and taught me how to dance and sang "hungry eyes" and we found out it was Robby the rich waiter who knocked up his old partner and my Dad DIDN"T give Robby the money for that scholarship after all and Mr Darcy and I totally nailed the lift at the end of the season show... Yeah so... No movies really stick out for me. I'm going to think about it more though.

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery for myself your yourselves?

In the mean time I'll move on to Saturday. Saturday we did lots of driving in the jeep. We also did some shopping at the outlets in Leesburg. Then.... Hm.... Ahh we had a nice spaghetti dinner and used our new wine bag cooler which we'll show anyone who comes over. And then we watched Munich. Munich was also good although by the 10th hour I was like "OK let's move on with it". Also half way through we got frustrated and whipped out the laptop to figure out where Lebanon is in relation to Palestine and Israel only to find Palestine wasn't on the f---ing map... Shortly before we gave up we had 8 wikipedia windows open learning about Hamas and Fatah and Abbas this and that all the way back to the dawn of time and DAMN! Previously (Friday morning as a matter of fact) until now my only comment was (whilst listening to NPR on the way to work) that if I was a faction as Hamas or Abbas is I would definitely choose a name that didn't sound so close to the other one. I would use something like "[Other Name] Sux!!" Viva la revolution indeedy.

Ok- Sunday. Sunday we.... Had yummy "melt away pancakes with blueberries and raspberries" from our married couple cookbook (which is awesome) which was a shower present. AHH is my nose bleeding? False alarm. Crazy low/high pressure making me feel all weird. Oh wait. Mr Darcy went and played soccer before then and I worked on invitations. My heart is not strong enough to talk about invitations at that moment. They need to be finished this week and I hate everything and want to burn you on fire. Yes, burn you on fire. That represents how this is eroding my mind and soul. ANYWAY so then we went to get a storage unit b/c our apartment complex sucks and our storage room is over filled with crap that has been marked to be thrown out SINCE JANUARY and it's still not done so we're spending $400 to rent a storage unit until we leave to get a head start on packing. Storage unit place was closed so we went to Giant and got stuff for a cook out instead! Cook out was fun. I did a handstand for the first time. (Completely seemingly unrelated, I know, but we were practicing at yoga Thursday and I didn't quite get it and we don't have room at my apt but nature is larger so I practiced there and YAY!) We also had yummy burger and beer and played Omaha. Then back home where we booked our super 2 week honeymoon in the Rivieria Maya (YAY!!!) then more invitation hell and then to bed.

So that's the weekend.
For all of you interested in what this week has in store. I STILL have no work to do. About 2/3 of our company is in Vegas for a conference but for the rest of us here--- today a) starts of casual dress for the summer and b) is pizza day BUT my super boss decided to take us all out to lunch instead and there are rumors she will let us go after!!! Tomorrow is ANOTHER ice cream social and then Wednesday is MOVIE DAY. I shit you not. There will be 2 showing of Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank which looks like a re-make of that 90s movie with Michelle Pfeiffer where she was in that Coolio video but whatever- it's 2 hours I don't need to fake working.

Ok. So that's that. And it's 10:30-- I give it another hour fifteen until people start gathering up for lunch.



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