Monday, June 18, 2007

What an insightful post.

It makes me laugh (that is when I'm not staring down my shirts at my molting cleavage of burnt moisturizer and neosporin soaked skin b/c that already makes my cross eyed and the thought of making jolting laugh motions while my eyes are crossed evoke a fear that my eyes will stick that way) because you mentioned lots of religions and practices I'd never heard of. When I read Pentecostal I immediately think pagan (probably b/c it sounds like pentagrams should be involved). I think that might get me killed in your neck of the woods. And when you mention Baptist- I thought that meant that you just got to dance and sing more so Church would be more like Sister Act. Apparently strike 2 for TFMD.

This makes me think that the northeast is a little different than the south/midwest. SHOCKER!

I lived in a happy little town where you are Catholic or Jewish. We got all Catholic and Jewish holidays off which is totally money b/c Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are both early in the school year and it's a great way to ease back into it from summer. In middle school/high school I learned there were some Lutherans (which one of my friends was) and Episcopalians (which I never saw but my sister went to their pre-K program). On a side note I went to a Jewish pre-K program where I went to services a couple of times and was very confusing for a 4 year old but we were told to sit and be polite and we were wiped from ballet usually so we did.

Oh- wait- and there was one house of Jehovah's Witnesses which was just fun b/c I had heard of them on the Simpsons.

But the whole point is nobody spoke in tongues or used the "f" word that Suf calls cigarettes some times which makes me as or more confused that the Jewish ceremonies at 4 years old.

I'm generally of the idea that religion should encompass happy things to inspire you to do happy things and lift you up when you're not happy, love everybody, and peace will guide the planets and loooooove will steer the stars. That's a HAIR reference at the end there.
Blank stares? "Mystic crystal revelation and the mind's true liberation?" Nobody? Nope. Ok. Moving on. And sure there are giant holes in that statement that could be easily picked through but, now that I think of it, THAT even support another underlying theory that everything is not black or white.

And I love Dogma. That movie totally rocks.

And so does Shakira. The first song off of Oral Fixation Vol 2 "How do you do?" is all about the same and kicks ass.

SO in conclusion, I enjoyed the rant, Scarlett, and hoped it helped.


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