Friday, June 22, 2007

Operation: Stir The Pot
Your mission should you choose to accept it, rile up the folks in Western KY (the state not the lubricant, TFMD.)

So, I'm a bit proud of myself. This week, despite horrible skin irritation, I have planned a "theatre in" if you will. Through the power of electronic communication, the intelligent half of P-town has been invited to a special performance of the show. We're creating quite a bit of buzz, which is proving not too hard in a small town. I really hope that we fill the 285 seat theatre this Thursday night.

Will somebody please tell my husband, who is doing his best Chandler Bing impression, that I do not wish for him to pee on me. I have poison ivy - I've not stepped on a jellyfish. Besides, he told me after that one time, that I wouldn't have to do it again. I really don't want to talk about it. Next subject please.

faux accountant / pillow fluffer by day - rogue political activist by night


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