Monday, June 18, 2007

So….since I was called out for not blogging let me tell you all about my weekend.

I ended up getting into an accident on my way to work. This was my first real accident, and while I am fine physically, I was a complete mess on Friday and felt like the world’s worst driver and person. I am feeling much better, but now keep a nice distance (about a car) in front of me.
The short of it is this:
I was at a stoplight (stopped) and I thought the woman in front of me started to go. Um, she didn’t, so I hit her. This resulted in her hitting the guy in front of her, and the guy hitting the car in front of him. Read: 4 cars. Yeah…trying taking that to bed with you.
So after bawling and making the necessary calls, I went home. No way was I going to work. I got some food on the way home and then took a nap until the cleaning people came. While I love them, napping when people are vacuuming is a tad bit difficult. So I thought this was a good time to hit the gym.

Have I mentioned that I bough the Nike Ipod thing and am now averaging about 20 miles a week. It’s awesome, completely motivates me! I would highly recommend it.

Ok back to Friday, so let’s think about this, I am tired, emotionally and physically drained, and had one meal. What do I do now? Well it IS Friday, So I go out. Two beers into the night, I am drunk. And not a happy fun drunk, but more of a weird drugged feeling drunk. I contemplated dancing on the bar with other people. That should be a good indicator of how drunk I was. So I leave close to midnight. Cam calls on the way over to ask if I want anything, I said no. Then it hits me, the room is spinning…food will help. I call him back and tell him I need food. He didn’t pick up. So sad. He comes over and I am about an 8 (see drunk scale from an earlier blog). I tell him I am dying and called because I needed food, I may get sick. He gives me water, and I just look at it. There is NO way I can drink anything. He tries to explain if I can’t drink water how am I going to eat. Valid point. I pass out.

I wish I did die, because I feel horrible. I finally motivate at 6pm and go to the mall. If I found a dress I would have gone out. But shopping hungover was not my idea of fun. I get home around 8 empty handed, well except for dinner. This is the first time in a while that I get to watch SNL. I guess that is good.
Finally hangover free, I was a bit more productive. Did laundry and some grocery shopping, ran, had a nice dinner, and watched movies.

Which brings me up to date.
So, TFMD as I said earlier, see it was not a super exciting weekend!


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